Different Faces

When I create a new character, it is usually with a purpose.  Before I enter the character generation screen, I have considered what class I’d like to play, what role they will be fulfilling, and likely even professions that they will be pursuing.  As I level, I build around my character a feeling for the toon, if you will, a story that renders how and why I play that character.  My Scarlet Crusade stable has been steadily growing, and I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to my various characters, not in terms of their level or gear, but in terms of their attitudes and joys in the world.


Windsoar still suffers a bit from an identity crisis she had around level 80.  You see, she had spent her entire life studying the elements of fire, frost, earth and wind, and then one day, she went and spoke most sincerely to her trainer and opened up her course of studies to include the healing arts.  She’d like us to believe that she never looked back since she started mastering the art of water splashing, but honestly, she still regrets the loss of her fiery demeanor.

While the experience hasn’t broken her, it has made her rather… unpleasant.  She only deigns to come out for large parties, and absolutely refuses to bestir herself from Dalaran for any solo activities.  Fear of losing herself to her elemental side in the wilds of Northrend keeps her firmly ensconced, rarely seen or heard from.

The few times she has gone fireballing flinging with a small group of friends, she has sincerely enjoyed herself; however she gets a little antsy when she realizes her riptide is not available and it puts her a bit out of sorts.

When dealing with other party members, Windsoar seems rather aloof.  She stands separated from her group, often picking lint from her chain mail.  In rather large settings, she can’t be bothered with individual members of her party, and just flings large spells at the lot of ’em and hopes for the best.  The loss of a team member, while sad, doesn’t cause much regret… really, she was doing her job.  *nod, nod*


My beach-blond party girl, Corri loves to travel the world and drop herself into random parties at a moment’s notice.  While she’s struggled a bit at certain points in her life, Corrinna just keeps on trucking, and her persistance and resilience has paid off in an ability to unmercifully beat a target to the ground in a few economical movements.  Corrinna has her giving side: she sends donations of ore regularly to Valask’s group of pals and will chant some magic-type voodoo with some dust and essences and make your weapon glow with a fervent light.

However, put her in with five people, and that concern for others is rapidly diminished.  Corri’s goal in life is to get in and out without mussing her hair.  If a monster decides to beat on her, she takes the punishment and glares pointedly at the guy with the shield, but keeps her mouth firmly closed.  While she make mock an enemy to save the healer at the back, all others are on their own for survivability.  Impatient, and a bit brash, criticisms are promptly answered and excuses are never made for deaths–she simply picks herself up, dusts herself off, and finds the next thing to die.


Aliera was once Lyre (see banner above), a blood-elf paladin fully immersed in the plan to capture and steal divine power from the mystical Na’aru.  When the pact was made that removed the need for paladins to receive their divine energy in such a subversive manner, a bit of the luster left her.  Her move to the more prosaic and generally accepted human paladins thus hasn’t dented her identity too much, although she really, really misses her ornamented hair.

Aliera is a strict no-frills business person.  She uses Dalaran as a port of operations, but she can be found in a hundred different locales, earning her way, and generally doing her best to support her friends.  Need a fish feast? She’s got one.  Need a weapon made?  Say no more.  Need a gem cut?  Gotcha babe!  Highly respected throughout Azeroth, she still seeks to improve relations with a few more factions–especially since the Argent Crusade did not accept her application for a transfer of alliances!

In a group, Aliera continues to be an in-control kind of gal.  She gathers up large groups, keeps them in place, and expects that the others in her group will do their part.  Shenanigans are frowned upon (unless ok’d in advance) and deaths are a personal affront to her view of the universe.  Protection of the weak is her forte, and while she’s willing to use her divine powers to restore a friend, her healing is for personal use only.


After being freed from the control of the Lich King, Nightfall didn’t gear up and begin her plot to bring down the most hated evil in the known world.  Nope, no siree. Her first priority?  Flower picking.  She’s a night elf, what did you expect?

Nightfall lives in her own world, insulated from talking to friends or family, she assiduously avoids all forms of communication and efforts to entice her to raucous parties.  She wishes merely to travel the world that has been kept from her for so long while she under the will of another.  While she feels the distant call for her help and support in icy Northrend, she feels a deep-seated need to help the peasant and the farmer, the fisherman and the axe-cutter.

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