Achievement: Zombiefest

Heroic achievements have been out for quite awhile, and while many have managed to snag their red proto-drakes, many of us are still bumbling along hoping for “one day.”  I wanted to touch on a few that I’ve had a chance to refresh myself on, or that have different strategies, and I thought I’d start with Zombiefest.

One Tank, One Pull

The strategy that I have successfully used myself involves a normal tank, healer, 3 dps group setup.  You will not be able to do the timed mini-achievement for the bronze drake at the same time.  In part one, where you fight waves of trash, and two bosses, you will kill wave 1-9 normally.  At wave 10, when Salramm the Fleshcrafter appears, you will pick him up at his spawn location and kite him back to the town hall–do not dps him at this time.

What you are attempting to do at this point is to wait for the zombie minions to respawn.  Once Salramm is defeated, zombies will stop spawning, meaning that you will have to do most of your zombie killing in the abomination infested gauntlet before Mal’Ganis if you aren’t patient.

Wait until zombies near the town hall have respawned (you’ll have to kill a few of them in order to get Salramm positioned) meaning you should have enough in the area, and Salramm can be safely eliminated.  Continue to the next boss, Chrono-Lord Epoch, kill him, and send the dps and the healers to the alleyway.  The tank should return solo to the beginning of the instance to pick up the zombies.

Fortunately, the zombies are fairly slow to maneuver, so if the tank keeps moving he should have limited chance of being overwhelmed and killed without a trusty healer.  The tank should return to the group after aggroing as many zombies as possible (don’t damage them — no exorcism, no consecration, no shield spike, thunder clap, swipe, maul or anything else that might damage your shuffling friends before you get them back to your party).

When the party can see the zombies start congregating at the top of the stairs leading to the alleyway, the tank should aggro the first “pack” of mobs in the alley, picking up between 10-15 zombies and running them back to the doorway.  You can create a virtual bottleneck here, and with massive aoe, the requisite zombies should be squished in no time!

Two Tanks

Another way I’ve been told the achievement can be done is the same basic strategy with two tanks instead of one.  The first tank, with a healer, rounds up and kills the starter zombies while simultaneously, a second tank (no word on a healer) and the dps kills the first pack of zombies in the alleyway.  Personally, this sounds more risque to me in terms of timing issues, but it may be successfully done.  I would think it would be possible to replace the front-room tank with a heavily armored dps and perhaps be more successful in talking a random group into trying it with you.

These, of course, are my personal experiences or strategy discussions with fellow players.  If you’ve had success earning your achievement in a different or more exciting way, I’d love to hear about it!

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