Healers Advantage

I was reading another epic rant about the asshats who infect the LFG system (you’re excluded of course–asshattery entails a certain distance which you, dear reader, do not have).  Anyway, for some reason, this post made the connection click….

I have never seen the healer “lol’d” at due to gear or meters… ever.

Apparently, as a healer, we have some mystic configuration of stats and weight variables that are just too difficult for the average player to understand.  While a healer may be incorrectly blamed for the death of the tank–asshat 101, pulling while your healer is out of mana–a quick glance at gear and talents, even massively incorrect talent choices or gemming options, is not a cause of concern of your average tank or dps.  Nor are meters very relevant, as a healer will always be first on the healing meters unless they are just plain fat /afk.

While a main healer, playing an alt, may rapidly surmise the flaws with the guy in the back busting out the healing voo-doo, there is generally no forum in which to raise concerns.  Until a healer is tried and deemed a total waste of pixels by the entire group (even for ludicrous reasons) the chances that a party will form up, someone will raise concerns about the healer, and everyone will bail is just. not. happening.

Polite inquiries to the questionable healer will gain you nothing but scorn.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the number of people who tell me their main is uber awesome–unless your alt is uber awesome, it’s just not translating for me–so I do understand ignoring “helpful” pointers.  However, the same could be said of sending warning flags to other members of the party as well–until the healer falls flat on their face, no one cares.

Why is that?

Honestly, I think it’s a lack of understanding about the class.  Unlike tanks or dps there is not a solid, identifiable marker that equals solid healer.  Tanks must have a 535 defense and a respectable health pool (I’m not setting the bench for this one–as long as he’s got 20k+ I’m happy).  Damage dealers are expected to rattle off anywhere from 1200-∞ dps depending on who ya ask.  What’s the benchmark for a healer?  There isn’t really one.

I’ve seen fully specced disc priests (read PvP) perfectly capable of healing a 5-man.  Same goes for the guy still sporting a bevy of greens, or the paladin who seems to think gemming spirit is a-ok.  Most likely, they were ok because the tank and dps shouldered some of the burden; however, unless someone dies, the burden is esoteric without sifting raw data and honestly, no one seems to care.

Do I like seeing healers who don’t seem to understand basic mechanics of their class?  Not particularly.  Do I care so long as the dungeon gets completed and I have a good time?  Nope. Honestly, I wish that no one had set identifiers so long as they were able to fulfill their role.  A successful run to me is one where I have a good time.  That entails me not dying, and not having to yell at other people for standing in fire so they don’t die.  Otherwise, it’s all good.

So your next dungeon run, why don’t you try turning off recount, stop inspecting the guy next to you, and pretend everyone’s a healer?  More than likely, you’ll have a more stress-free run, and hey, you’re in it to have a good time, right?

By the way, if I’m living in a bubble of isolation in regards to healer ridicule in PUG runs, feel free to correct me liberally and scornfully.  These opinions reflect my own experiences tanking, healing, and occasionally being the sorry leveling dps.

5 thoughts on “Healers Advantage

  1. I have played two priests from 1 to raiding levels. I have quite a bit of experience healing many types of raids, five mans, 10 mans, etc… and I would agree with you. Ive never heard a word about my gear. When there was the huge uproar about "disc priests cant heal 10 mans" that became rather obvious on the forums, i started to hear a few things about "disc or holy". Id lie, say holy, and all would be fine. Even flinging my penance like a mutha never seemed to tip anyone off. Priests are a little different tho. If your a shaman healer your never going to answer "enhancement" as your healing spec, or "prot" for paladins etc…etc. Priests having two different talent specs that can both heal gives the masses something to have an opinion on, and EVERY tank in the game has a favorite healer that picked a specific spec and feel that every other healer they come across should be the same. But for the most part your 100% correct, i dont get laughed at for poor gear, and aside from getting blamed for the person i was supposed to be healing, dying. (which it normally is in some fashion) I dont hear a word about my playstyle or any ridicule.

    Well, maybe the occasional "get out of the fire noob!" but it wouldn't be wow if you didn't get to shout that a few times a raid.

  2. Woah new layout, I like it 🙂 The RSS and Twitter icons are lovely!

    On the post, I do a similar thing, I'll go in and just expect the group to be fine because it's a 5 man, why wouldn't it? It's rare that a 5 man will annoy me enough to leave, etc. Even after a wipe or something, people tend to be polite "oops sorry, my bad" which is cool, I don't mind wiping if there's responsbility and it doesn't turn into "LOLOLYOU ALL NOOBS".

    I do use recount, purely to see how well I'm doing, if I need to get better, on my hunter purely just .. okay to put a smile on my face BUT I don't use it to judge others and I don't care if my tank only has 30k health (hello? that's not that bad..)

    Some people don't understand that with all this new badge loot, some people are still just freshly dinged or perhaps don't enjoy reading websites to improve themselves, which is fine!

    • @Scary — Ya, we know I love my disc priests for 5-mans ^^

      @Jaedia–Thanks! I use recount to for similar reasons. It's a tool that I use primarily for self-evaluation, not for blaming or castigating others. There have been times I've talked to raid members due to data I've gleaned, but guild members vs. random PuG people are two entirely different scenarios in my book.

  3. Oooh shiny new Jaded Alt – I miss the pretty banner though!

    I was recently told I had neither "the gear nor skill" to heal HoR (followed by a tank rage!quit) – which was both annoying and bewildering considering I'm geared for ICC. By that argument, a healer would have to be ICC-10/25 geared to heal the new 5 mans. Whut?

    But, yeah, compared to the shit tanks and DPS get, I have a pretty easy ride as a healer. Although I think it's one of those superficial things – in that nobody will openly ridicule your gear or complain, but if you make one mistake, or there's one wipe, the healer is liable to take all the shit for it.

    Maybe I'm just bitter!

    • The post-note was actually just for you since you'd had such horribly bad pugs. I still walk into a dungeon and am like, goddess of the totem. Granted, not as "omg, heals!" as before the lfg system made us want to be available, but often enough that I actually feel bad when the group is so horrible that I send a tell to the nice dps or tank before going: "I don't have the patience for this. Better luck next time. /disband"

      I miss my banner too but the white on black was starting to make me *twitch*

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