There’s a lot of different perspectives on the whole LFG system–I’ve made my own contribution to the crying jag of “omg, it kills babies!”–but really, how much are you doing to make your dungeon run as successful as possible.

When the new system came out, my baby warrior was running around Outlands at 61, and destroying the corrupted orcs with massive cleaves courtesy of her two-hander.  The rewards for a leveling a character were just too good to pass up–gold, experience AND a goodie bag–so I promptly got in the habit of queuing her when I logged in, and then questing for the rest of the night.

I’ve had good tanks, good healers, good dps, and I’ve had atrocious imitations of all three of those roles.  Let’s be honest, if you’re a new character and all you know is the current state of affairs, or you only play your main, you might have forgotten some important, but crucial instructions that will make a good run a great one, and a poor one functional.

This One Time, On My Main [insert gearscore/gear/accomplishments]

No one cares how great your main character is–we don’t know his name, he likely doesn’t play on my server, and I will never run into him when I’m doing activities on my main.  “Main stories” do not impress me with your knowledge of the game… they just make me label you as

a) a braggart or

b) an incompetent idiot

neither which of makes me want to party with you ever, ever, ever again.  K?

My Main Doesn’t Have to Run Out for [Boss Effect]

Little clue, you’re not on your main.  You are not over-geared for the content–if you were overgeared, you’d be in a different dungeon.  All those annoying little special boss effects, say Ingavar’s Dark Smash in Utgarde Keep, require you to move.  I am looking specifically at the tank on this one *glare*

The Healer Let Me Die

Every healer has a priority list that is basic to sum up

Heal myself

Heal the tank

Heal the good dps

Heal the bad dps (if I feel like it)

Pro-tip: If you die every pull or so, you’re the bad dps.

If you don’t wanna die in a heroic, step out of the cozy fire (this isn’t Hodir people), stop dps, run away from whirlwinds, drink a potion, eat a soul, and bring self-bandaging back in vogue.

The Tank Won’t Pull Aggro Off Me

Every job is a little different.  While a dps can practice his rotation effectively while questing, tanks and healers need to be in multi-mob, multi-player instances to really tighten their mad skillz.  If for some reason you manage to snag aggro away from a tank… stop dps.  If you’re running in front of the tank and expect him to taunt everything off ya…. nice knowing you.  A tank’s job is not to save everyone’s scrawny carcass, it is to grab and maintain aggro on a target–if you can’t respect his restrictions (taunts aren’t on demand you know) don’t expect him to respect yours.

Stop Apologizing Already

Look, we’re all leveling.  I don’t expect you to be perfect–I don’t expect you to break out 1k dps just because I am–I expect you to be competent enough not to get yourself killed, but that’s about it.  Healers are especially prone to this in lower end dungeons.  Just because an over-geared healer can carry just about every group I’ve ever run with doesn’t mean I expect you to as well.  Just heal yourself, heal the tank, and if the good dps are dead by the time you meet those two priorities, well, that’s the best you can do.


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  1. I ever so heartily agree with this post.

    It's too bad I can't have every PuG groupmate alt-tab to read this before starting a dungeon…

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