Small, but Useful

3 new add-ons that provide discrete, configuration free improvements to your game!


I don’t know about you, but lately vent chatter has been filled with calls… of aggravation



-Wind, where are you?  Lin?  Sas?  Hellloooooooo!

FixReadyCheck adds back the wonderful tolling sound that signified a ready-check is going out.  If you have configured your sound to be heard when tabbed out, you can safely browse the interwebs while waiting for bio breaks, and be alerted in time to say “I’m ready!”

Fish Feast Alert

How many times have you missed the fish feast lurking under a wide ursine posterior?  No longer do you have to rely on your poor eyes to let you know when the fish has gone down.  Fish Feast Alert plays Deathbringer Saurfang’s “Feast My Minions!” yell and prints “No food buff, eat the feast!” in your game text field.

Get your food buff every time–and hey, fish is free!


Your settings are throttled down so far you can barely make out the entirety of Lady Deathwhisper’s chapel, yet still, you are suffering from awful, awful lag.  It could be… your add-ons.  Many come with built in communication channels, which may cause users to suffer from horrible lag or repeated disconnects.

Spamalyzer collects data for traffic on the addon communication channel allowing you to view by LBD or minimap icon which, if any, addons are sending excessive traffic.


7 thoughts on “Small, but Useful

    • I saw that one, but hadn't tried it yet… is it working ok? I tried cBuff over the weekend and it was horrid.

      • I haven't tried it. I am still using Quest Guru. I can't live without the quest sounds and I have been using the tracker forever now.

        I might load it up, though. My raid addon set doesn't load QG and I always stop tracking any quests I have in my log at that point.

    • I'm glad they got it filled 🙂 Hopefully we'll see some good articles!

      I can definitely understand why they don't reply with the number of applicants.

      • Still. Aren't you curious? I am 🙂

        And yeah, I hope I learn some stuff. My UI will always be a semi-fluid thing.

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