kgPanels: Textures

For the beginner looking to get some nifty textures into the game and start experimenting with kgPanels, I suggest a couple of downloads that can help you get started.

Packaged Textures

Gigantic Texture Pack

Steam Pixel Modular Texture Pack

Neutrino Modular Texture Pack

Reborn Textures


Shiningmind’s Artwork Pack

Vivien’s Art Pack

Vivien’s kgPanels Collection


Anything made for Btex (If you just want the bottom paneling, I highly suggest Btex as a substitute for kgPanels.)

Other Sources

You can also find custom artwork in many down-loadable UI compilations.  Don’t worry, if you aren’t interested in the entire compilation the textures are pretty easy to find!  Generally you will find the .tga extension files either directly in the interface folder OR in Interface/[non-addon name] folder.  A little digging can yield some nice work–just remember that if you have plans to publicly share your own UI compilation to give credit back to those whom you borrowed from!

Last Note

There is a lot of content out there labeled as “Media Pack.”  These are generally for shared media (textures for buttons, etc.) and not for use with kgPanels.


4 thoughts on “kgPanels: Textures

  1. Don't forget IrfanView. Free image viewer that works well with .tga files. Easy way to get just the image you need without adding the whole pack.

    Nice list. I wish you had posted this 6 months ago 🙂 I especially like Neutrino and Greeny from MiniTexturePack.

  2. Where's the screenie of your UI Windsoar? I must see it! (It's also much less work than actually clicking through and trying to find demos of those textures in use).

    I'm still using eePanels2 as recommended by Keeva which gives me a nice gradient fade out from my video to my mods along the bottom of the screen. However eePanels hasn't been updated in gosh know how long and I'm kinda shopping around for a replacement…

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