Women of WoW

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I am not an archetype.

Men and women are both guilty of labeling their fellow players–to some extent its deemed necessary in order to fulfill group roles; however, when meeting new players, take a moment… clear your head…. listen, observe, and reserve judgement.  You might meet someone you like once you get past all those labels.

If I see one more “You know, one of those girls” posts, I might scream.  There are no THEY.  Everyone, EVERYONE has the right to individualism, not just you.  K?  You know why you have to fight an uphill battle some days to be recognized, to be heard, to have your existance noted in your guild/pug/raid, whatever?  Because some jerk-wad has labeled you “girl, healer, hot” and written you off while he listens avidly to the pure mp5 enchanted male paladin standing right next to you.

When you label, you perpetuate the system.  Simple.  As.  That.


10 thoughts on “Women of WoW

  1. Brilliant post Windsoar! It is all too true that the first thing people do in any environment is label. I hate it and do my best never to fall into that mindset. In all of my gaming years I have never had reason to count anyone out of being a fantastic player in every way based on their sex/age/color/creed.

    Your closing line is brilliant.



  2. Agreed!

    One of my biggest peaves is "I'm female but I'm not like the typical female."

    As if there was such thing as a "typical female".

    I can't say I've ever noticed people ignoring me because I'm female, though. Maybe it's because I chose who I play with carefully or maybe I'm just really pushy, but being respected as a player has never been an issue. *knock on wood*

    • @ Ril — Thanks! Welcome! /wave

      @Ophelie — I haven't dealt with an issue like this since my 40-man days. There was an assumption I was a guy until I spoke, and then their was an assumption that I must have a guy showing me how to play if I was any good at it. *eye-roll* While I was "accepted" I think I was placed under the "the random good female player" instead of just "oh, another good player." I haven't had much issue since, but then again, the number of (known) women players has skyrocketed as well.

  3. You have hit the nail exactly on the head, Windsoar. I greatly wish more people understood this point. Being from New Zealand and playing on an American server, when I speak up in vent amongst people I don't know, the first comment is inevitably *not* an answer to my question. Instead, I get a comment on my accent. My husband does not suffer the same trouble.

    • I have a girlfriend with the same problem (although she's state-side) she has a 'true' southern belle drawl that, apparently, is distracting to the opposite sex.

      She's also a graduate student in mathematics so invariably she's digging into the numbers–especially when it comes to distributing gear–but the number of times I've seen someone give her the proverbial *pat head* when she asks a question about WHY things are set-up as they are is beyond belief. Most likely its because a guild has chosen a system that they don't really understand, and so can't explain, but it always comes across as "don't worry your pretty little head about that dear."

    • I think that might be a cross gendered thing more than a woman thing. There's a guy in my guild with a strong French accent and he's often greeted with squeals when female players hear him for the first time.

        • We have a guy who sounds just like Barry White on vent. He has been melting knees in our guild since 2006. Who knew "whelps on the left" could sound sexy? 🙂

          We also have two Canadians who speak with fabulous accents (one speaks French and the other speaks Italian) and an Australian if you're into accents.

          For the benefit of the boys we have a number of southern ladies who will happily y'all you into submission.

          The whole girl gamer thing is why I never speak on vent when I pug. It's not worth the headache. My guild and friends know I am a girl IRL and we joke about all that female/male stereotype stuff, but it's all in good fun. Oh, and yes, I am a girl who plays a healer (of course, I also play a tank, and several damage dealers).

          Windsoar will tell you I am a horrible sexist (those boys are so silly), but she loves me anyway. 😉

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