Corrinna's Journey, 22-70

I have failed, quite smashingly, to keep a firm record of my travels since my mid-20’s.  My poor portfolio is full of snippets of photos from achievements and interesting places that I’ve journeyed since my younger days.  While I have not been faithful in cataloguing the events that shaped my life, I will do my best to recapture those heady days and moments as I crossed three continents to find myself in the fourth, where the final battles are occuring, and my journey ends… for now.

The elven lands… here I rested for many weeks, shoring up my resolve to finish my journey.  Somehow, I had to reach an accord with this… rage… that drove me to greater and greater heights.  Only by mastering it would I truly be great.  Those first days were such a struggle, but now… ah, the power and devastation that I can wreck…but I digress.

I finally gave up my island sanctuary and traveled extensively.  Theramore, the beach-head of the human-alliance forces on the continent of Kalimdor, was not as defensible as it seems… I found plots and intrigues thick here, and worried a bit about the strange inhabitants who compose the swamplands.

Freeing this poor fellow from some type of demonic influence didn’t really seem to change his eating habits, but… perhaps he likes all those swamp bugs.

However, it wasn’t any worse than helping this poor, deranged goblin make the trip back to Marshal’s Refuge.  Here he is, begging for a drink of water from his canteen while he is literally drowning in a stream.  Pathetic really.

Traveling by boat proved to be a bit of a chore for me, but I found myself criss-crossing between the two continents quite often.

Even local ferry services proved difficult.  In a fit of piqué I chose to swim (well my horse swam and I sat comfortably perched waist deep in water, but these are quibbling details, yes?) from Feathermoon Stronghold back to the mainland in Ferelas.

Flight services, however, have improved remarkably since my cousin’s time.  See this map….

Right there sits this helpful little goblin, ready to ferry me back to the world beyond.  I nearly swooned with joy when I saw him… imagine, not having to run from the undercity *ahem* I mean, alliance point to get to the quest-giver right on the edge of the Eastern Plaguelands.  Lovely!

I also got to see the Lightbringer honored by one of those new people… you know, the ones that look like squids.  Yes, draenei, draenei.  Anyway, the ceremony was quite lovely.

I reached a pinnacle of power while questing in the Plaguelands.  Chromie looked on with her usual chipper, mysterious, and overall rather condescending way (how do gnomes DO that!) yet I still felt wonderful as the magical lights filled the air.  While I would have liked to travel directly to the Outlands, I diligently completed those tasks that I had agreed to do for various people before heading to Stormwind and the portal to the Blasted Lands.

Here, I would love to tell you about how I vanquished the foes of the Sporeggarr, traveled to meet the great A’dal, and smashed in the heads of countless ogres; however, to do so would be a lie.

Honestly, I spent most of my time wailing away at three different dungeons: Hellfire Ramparts, Underbog, and Auchenai Crypts.  Really, the biggest impression of the Outlands I have, is the joy over finding this massive library in the Scryer’s Tier.  Every profession has a bookshelf dedicated to their craft–I was overjoyed to find enchanting and mining included in these great works.

That being said, I was quite impressed with the quaintness of the villages to be found in Zangermarsh.  While the people might be hostile, and their paralytic poisons put a serious crimp in my style, still, their is something calm and peaceful about viewing their abodes… from a distance… after having cleared out any infestation of bugs, marshwalkers, and sentries.

I have taken the boat to the frozen north, learned how to protect the weak, as well as devastate the strong, and hopefully, my final journey entry will be a bit more complete and a little less long in coming.