3 weeks and jillions of raid strategy tweaks later and….

We’ve consistently had problems on 25-man in containing the beasts and kiting them effectively.  Last night we had one of our tanks take responsibility for the adds–a protection paladin with two rogues for tricks–and it worked out just fine.  I’d also like to thank our first marked dps who valiantly stood and died within 3 seconds, knowing that the healers were NOT going to help him *hugs*  That’s taking one for the team.


4 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Grats on the kill. Saurfang is a beast but it gets easier once everyone knows how to handle everything. A lot of Icecrown is like that.

    I was going to get you another WoL of our Putricide kill last week, but the data got corrupted or something. Too bad too, because I have been able to step it up a little and I am catching the other mage I talked about. Except now he has all 4 T10 and I am still working on my third. Oh well. We are working on the Blood Queen this weekend; we have 7 attempts left.

    Ok, couple of things I am noticing on your UI. First of all, 5 fps?!? Ouch.

    How did you move the banner looking icon that shows 25 on it? That is one of the things I don't really like lately, but it hasn't really affected me too much, other than moving my location text to the right a little. But, I am kind of anal, so that would be nice to know.

    You've done a very nice job with the kgPanels. Very subtle and I like that. I am not a big fan of the super decorated UI's, although I can appreciate them.

    I wish the achievement wasn't showing, kind of. Is that your target frame underneath the achievement pop up? And you cast bar is on, or just under your mana bar?

    Anyway, grats on the kill. And, are those quests for Ulduar HM's? That makes me jealous; I wish we were doing those.

    • @ Ophelie
      Thanks! Our ten man groups were getting him down, but our 25-man group has been struggling. It was nice to finally get past him this week–even if just to see the inner spire and to clear some trash before it resets ^^

      @ Tebla
      I'll get a cleaner shot up this week and detail some of the changes. I didn't intend for this to be shot honestly, because I'm not done tweaking! I've been playing on a laptop for a couple of years now, so I'm used to the horrible, horrible fps 😛 It was actually tougher tanking than healing. However, it also makes me grumpy and not very partial to listen to complaints of "oh, my framerates are awful, that's why I'm sucking it up!"

      Quick rundown:
      Changed map to pocketplot which includes the little flag for dungeon type
      Artwork ripped from Remix UI. I had to do some changes to the top panels because he had a weird cutout for that circular button mod he uses.
      Underneath my achievement is target buffs or debuffs (depending on what I'm targeting).
      In raids I'm supposed to minimize my achievement/quest panel and skada pops up very nicely in the space provided.

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