Oh, Yes, Hi!

Life has been good to me.

I say that with a grain of salt–last year was absolutely horrid on so many fronts, I won’t even depress you with that much information; however, this year seems to be starting off on the right foot and I’m getting ready to start dancing in the streets.  Several things in my non-WoW life are converging at once that are helping–I am scheduled to graduate in May, I managed to snag another job (this one at school), I was wrangled into taking a grad class (for some reason the History department thinks I should belong to them), and I’ve already started getting job hits for the after-college job market.  Woot-eh.

I’m sharing all this mundane and non-WoW information with you because I realized over the last couple of weeks that my regular (manic? :P) posting schedule will not be on track in the forseeable future.  While I’ve never pronounced a regular posting schedule, I realize that some of you actually come by and read here fairly often, and I didn’t want to simply evaporate (or seem to).  I still play WoW, I still love writing about WoW, and I’m not leaving the party anytime soon!

I’m out of town this week(end) to celebrate my brother’s graduation from boot camp, but I’ll be back soon to do some more work on that World of Logs project (mages, you are sucky hard to write about, k?) and share some more stories about the life of another jaded alt.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Yes, Hi!

  1. Time for me to kick it into high gear on this guest post ive been thinking about for-ev-er. Just to free up some time and fill some space. But dont you blame me when your readership plunders.

    • Apparently I should be banned from posting happy go lucky posts because the very next day I go and break my leg. D'oh!

      I definitely plan to stay in the game, I just hate when regular posters suddenly evaporate and didn't want to do the same!

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