Stalkers On the Horizon

Sanctioned blogstalking commences now!  The Physician’s Log started a holiday event to encourage bloggers into the loving spirit.

Our task: to stalk our beloved sweetheart on their blog 3 days in the row (anonymously of course).  In turn we shall be stalked by a random blogger–the one who guesses their pursuers identity gets the grand prize: a custom RSS-feed button!

So keep your eyes peeled, and let’s catch our neighborhood stalker!

7 thoughts on “Stalkers On the Horizon

  1. *pounce*

    I'm not going to write you poetry, because it'd make you cry. And not in a good way.

    But I do bring gifts of cyber-chocolate. *hands over box*

    I'll catch you again tomorrow my dear. But you'll never catch me ^.~


    • OOOooo, Cyber Chocolate. I'm sure I have a converter card for that programming around here somewhere *rummages*

  2. Dearest Windsoar… It's been far too long since I told you how awesome you are. I enjoy reading your blog and twitter, and your massive army of alts makes me green-er with envy.

    I bring no gifts of chocolate today, but if you happen to check your mailbox in game tomorrow morning, you might find a little surprise =)

  3. Ohai! It's seems as though I got in on this late…. apologies! Although it seems you already have an admirer – so perhaps you were assigned two?! *gasp*

    Let's see…. some clues about myself….

    1. I'm barky.
    2. I blog less often now than I did before.
    3. A certain tree in Dalaran regards me with spite and distrust.

    Be back tomorrow!

  4. Lovely Windsoar,

    Sadly, today marks the end of our super secret stalking relationship, though not the end of our friendship.

    I do hope you enjoyed your presents, and found a good use for some of them ^.~

    If you haven't yet discovered who I am, that's okay… All will be revealed in just a few short hours.

    Until then,
    Sneakily yours

    • Sneakily,
      As much as I will miss the secrets of your admiration, I look forward to having your identity revealed (cuz I r nubbin).

      Windsoar ❤

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