And My Stalker Is….

Khi and Averna.  Somehow in the madness I was lucky enough to get a some shade from two very special trees.  This means I can also reveal the poor helpless soul I have been pining after all weekend–Miss Medicina!

While I’m no poet, I did try to express a fair amount of love in a little amount of text.  I also wrangled my husband into getting some cash and items on a newly rolled L1 character on Jess’ server so that I could carry my stalking to new heights 🙂 (I would have done it myself, but my wireless connection kept dropping and I can’t sit at a desk yet… surgery Wednesday!).

So until next season, when stalking becomes a socially acceptable lifestyle again, I bid you a fond adieu.

P.S.  You can view other stalker’s good works at The Physician’s Log and discover the mysterious identities of everyone’s secret stalker!

One thought on “And My Stalker Is….

  1. Man, I gave myself away so easily, eh? =P

    And yes, it looks like there was a mix up in assigning stalkers/stalkees… but I'm glad that it gave me the opportunity to participate. =D Plus, you got double the love! ❤

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