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I like a good story as well as the next person.  I majored in English because I honestly couldn’t imagine anything simpler than reading books and writing papers.  However, paper writing and storytelling are two different things, and I’ve always been extremely uncomfortable with story-telling.  I have no aspirations to be a professional writer, my blogging is more of a journal and advice column for me, rather than  a creative outlet.

So imagine my horror when I discovered that this week’s shared topic at Blog Azeroth asks “What sort of boss would you be?”  My first thought was to skip it.  I’m not obligated to participate in the BA topics.  That argument would usually allow me to gracefully eek out of this social obligation except…. I’ve been ignoring BA for almost a month!  And there have been really good topics in there too.  I just know if I procrastinate on this one, it will spiral into a never-ending maw of oblivion which leaves me permanently adrift from BA…. and honey, I need BA.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to my own personal boss.


The very elements cry out against the outrage that has occurred in the northern tundra.  Upheaval, destruction, whole villages of spirits unable to leave their empty and desecrated homes.  Each new scene drove Windsoar closer to the precipice, until one day, she snapped.

She remains a mighty shaman.  Her goals and attitudes remain closely tied to the elements which give her strength and they have not abandoned her.  However, she has become  a menace to both alliance and horde forces.  While in the early throes of her madness she could tolerate the presence of other shamans, and even druids, an unfortunate incident concerning a hunting party and a late-foaling doe turned her against all humanoids.


Windsoar is an outdoor raid boss and can be located in the Unbound Thicket of Crystalsong Forest.


The Battle

Phase One: Windsoar will drop totems beginning at fight initiation and every cool-down thereafter.  She will not cycle totems.  At the 30 second mark, Windsoar will summon elementals.  She will continue to do so at every available cooldown.

Phase Two: Phase two begins when Windsoar reaches the 40% mark.  She will begin randomly hexing members of the raid, as well as casting Thundershock on cool-down.  Elemental and totem drops will continue.

Loot Table

I’ll let the devs figure this one out!

So… would you wanna kill me?

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