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So, I started the new semester… my last semester… by smashing my leg open taking ONE FREAKIN STEP and consequently breaking my ankle in two places.  *sigh* /fail

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in bed waiting for surgery.  Surgery successfully completed last Wednesday, and I’ve been happily floating on pain meds since then.  I ran around trying to catch up on my reading yesterday and today.  I can’t tell you anything new or interesting in my own WoW life, because, well, I haven’t had one.  I was really ambitious a couple of days ago, logged on, ran a heroic, and realized I was WAY too tired to be… like… responsible for any one else’s pixels.  For real.

So instead, I thought I’d just run a small running commentary on my thoughts of things here and there around the blog-o-sphere before slipping back into my narcotic fog of goodness.

Oh Tam….

Tamarid, blogging ethics, and guilds has been popular point of discussion, and I understand why… I think most of us with a blog are involved in a guild of some kind.  To write, or not about what occurs?  That’s a personal choice of course, and I don’t have any fast or furious rules in my own head about my behavior.  My guild knows I have a blog.  It just… popped out one day in a conversation, and now my GM regularly pops by to read up on this, that or the other.

I’ve often blogged in general terms about issues that have or are affecting our guild… but in such a huge, maybe this is your guild way that the kernel of the problem that started the post is non-existant.  Mainly because I haven’t had any serious issues with this guild.  However, that doesn’t mean if I have some huge issue with my guild that I won’t talk about it here.  While I do feel that I should have the discretion to not name the specific parties involved past “a member of management” or “a fellow raider” I don’t feel any compuction about talking through any issues with my guild.  I don’t sign a non-disclosure agreement when I join a guild.  WoW blogs are popular, anyone can have one, and if ‘my view’ is more public than ‘their view’ than it is merely a choice of blogging or not blogging.  Wanna make your point of view as visible?  Start blogging!  That does not preclude me from talking about my views and issues.

No matter the size nor selectiveness of my readership, I do not see any point where I would feel compelled or constrained to not  blog about my experiences in game to the point where I felt that I had to play or blog  incognito.  I can understand it, I can respect wanting that extra layer of… protection if you will, but I don’t think it’s the right answer for everyone… or even anyone.

Upcoming Stat Changes

I don’t know, they don’t seem too complicated.  Maybe I’m not all confuzzled and excited because intellect traditionally = mana pool and spell power and spirit traditionally = mp5.  Dunno.  Doesn’t seem complicated or terribly exciting or even debatable.  That Mastery thing sounds interesting, but there’s really not enough information about changes to talents or how the system will actually work to be spewing non-facts all over the interwebs.  When I see the next expansion… the changes will all make sense and I’ll be able to sensibly change or re-gem my gear then.


Asshattery in spades still exists, but the nice, wonderful perfect PUG can exist and I’m happy for you!  But wow, it makes a dull story.  No wonder my guild lust had me losing readership!  Let’s get back to the “Oh…my….God, they tried to steal m pixellated underpants!” tales.

Hopefully I’ll be off the meds soon and you’ll get some original work… or at least, more of a full sentence style commentary as opposed to my “…” structure.  Until then, I hope everyone’s having a lovely time banging against ICC, buffed or non-buffed, as their patience and integrity require!

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  1. "WoW blogs are popular, anyone can have one, and if ‘my view’ is more public than ‘their view’ than it is merely a choice of blogging or not blogging. Wanna make your point of view as visible? Start blogging! That does not preclude me from talking about my views and issues." Oh there's some people I wish I could explain that to…so, so much.

    • @Ambrosine
      Everyone has a place for a voice! You just have to utilize it 🙂

      Thanks! /e curls up with her plushies and munches a cupcake

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your accident! That must have been painful… I'm glad the surgery went well and hope you'll recover soon!



  3. We miss you heaps and hope you're all better and unmedicated soon!

    I think it's awesome you feel comfortable talking about our guild. I hope it continues to be a good experience. If at any point it doesn't your constructive criticism will be invaluable in fixing whatever the issue might be. You know I can't keep quiet when I am passionate about something, how could I expect anyone else to?


  4. I think it's the level of interpretation that worry me – I mean some readers do interpret general or specific problems with the guild as evidence that the guild sucks and is evil. And although I definitely shouldn't be constrained about writing about my own experiences, inadvertently exposing my guild to criticism from a community in which they don't participate … seems incredibly incredibly unfair.

    • Thanks for all the well wishes!

      I still have guild lust. No where is perfect, but I'm in it for the long haul. Be share to take my love back to everyone!

      You're not awful! I feel dopey having broken it and sharing it with an unknown number of people, but hey, there it is. I just feel bad for you. I love you, everyone should love you dammit! ❤ I hope being an anonymous player / blogger helps make your overall gaming/blogging experience better. I guess I don't understand because I take people's blogging at face value and don't track down them in their game time or even look at the guild they're associated with, so the chances of your blogging experience reflecting on that guild in-game for me is slim to none. Maybe I'm the oddity, who knows ^^

      • Crap.. Sure* Ya, just fill in whatever other typos with something that makes sense. Stupid drugs.

  5. Regarding the sentiment on stats, as far as Moonkin go I can't see the big deal. It looks like I can forget the hit cap and go for a spirit cap instead, all the other Cataclysm changes combined with this though will play havoc with all the advice out there 🙂

    Regarding blogging about experiences in the guild, if I didn't have the experience that I have with the guild I'm in then I wouldn't be blogging. In a way all my posts are related to the guild. Some are more obvious than others, and I don't think I have actually directly named a single member.

    The post I did about overheating was partially spurred on by a guildie. The post I did a while ago about thread likewise becuase I couldn't get my point across within a raid or chat environment without missing it 🙂

    The point is drawing a line between writing about guild experiences (either positive or negative) with a point behind the post, and just outright ranting 🙂

    • I think the whole WoW.com exposition of every single class/role + individual bloggers attempting to inform their target audience just made me tired of the entire hoopla, because… well, I just don't see the big deal. The addition of stats was a big deal, but folding them is pretty simple.

      Re guilds and blogging: I think it depends on your relationship with your guild. I had a fairly ranty post about a bad night and a joke gone bad–and my guild definitely knows about my blog (my GM is a regular guest) but I am also secure in my role with my team and it was just–to vent.

      And /hugs I always love your visits! I should *hug* my commentators more ^^

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