Community Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger

Blogging is a fairly social activity if you let it be, and it just added a new dimension with the formation of <Single Abstract Noun> a guild created for blog authors, hosts and enthusiasts.  Anyone is welcome to join, and there are charter branches for both US and EU players.  Each guild is located on Argent Dawn (RP) server.  If you choose to join, just make sure you’re the right faction for your side of the pond!  EU players are going Horde side and US players chose the Alliance path.

A big thank you to The Noisy Rogue for starting the idea rolling, and Tamarind of Righteous Orbs and Miss Medicina for starting the respective chapters.  Some players are rolling fresh while others are faction changing–any way you want to participate is fully welcomed!

Be sure to check also check out the Single Abstract Noun forums, and if you’re a blogger sign up for the roster in a comment at Miss Medicina’s house.

I decided on a Night Elf druid in anticipation of my Worgen to come.  I plan on leveling as a feral tank and hopefully dual-spec to flailing twiggy heals in order to experience the last tank and healer on my list.  I am playing Rhye US side.  Hope to see you in game!

P.S. Blog Azeroth! is also a great resource for all you bloggers out there!  If you haven’t stopped by to say hello, please do, and if you’re looking for a great new blog to read, be sure to stop by!

2 thoughts on “Community Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger

    • Alot of people are having a good time 🙂 I haven't been as active raiding or leveling on AD as of yet, but I'll be playing again soon ::shakes fist::

      Hope you have a good time even if (I suspect) you play on the other side of the pond.

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