Blessings for All

We talked about totem management the other day, and I thought I’d take the time to cover the sometimes contentious arena of paladin blessings as well.  Since the number of paladins determines the need for nit-picking on your buff choices, we’ll cover this by number of paladins in your group or raid followed by the composition of your buffing group by class.

While, hopefully, you’ll have some nice person setting up your buffs when you first ding 80, you CAN be the only paladin or one of two in a raid both starting out, and having the calls for blessing scattering across raid channel every two seconds can drive the best of us batty!

The Blessings: Greater, One and All

Kings (BoK)

Gives all members of the raid or group that share the same class with the target the Greater Blessing of Kings, increasing total stats by 10% for 30 min.

Does not stack with 8% Kings drums.

Might (BoM)

Gives all members of the raid or group that share the same class with the target the Greater Blessing of Might, increasing attack power by 550 for 30 min.

Talented: Retribution (2/2)

Increases the effect of your Blessing of Might spell by 25%.

Paladins who take this talent will increase attack power by 688.

Does not stack with Battle Shout.

Wisdom (BoW)

Gives all members of the raid or group that share the same class with the target the Greater Blessing of Wisdom, restoring 92 mana every 5 seconds for 30 min.

Talented: Holy (2/2)

Increases the effect of your Blessing of Wisdom spell by 20%.

Holy Paladins who take this talent will restore 110 mana every 5 seconds.

Does not stack with Mana Spring Totem.

Sanctuary (BoS)

Talented: Protection

Gives all members of the raid or group that share the same class with the target the Greater Blessing of Sanctuary, reducing damage taken from all sources by 3% for 30 min and increasing strength and stamina by 10%.  In addition, when the target blocks, parries, or dodges a melee attack the target will gain 2% of maximum displayed mana.

Does not stack with Grace.

One Paladin: I Can Handle It!

Death Knights

Might unless:



Battleshout + Drums–Sanctuary


Kings unless:

Cat only–Might

Cat only with Battleshout–Kings

Drums–consider Wisdom for Moonkin and Trees

Note: Bears may request Sanctuary.  If Bear only feel free, otherwise, I’d stick to Kings.


Might unless



Wisdom unless


Arcane with Drums–Wisdom


Whatever you do best!






Note: Experienced priests may request Kings.


Might unless



Kings unless

Enhancement only without Battleshout–Might.

Note: New shamans may request Wisdom.  If restoration shaman requests, make sure they are not dropping Mana Spring Totem.


Kings unless

Protection only–Sanctuary



Duos: We Can Tackle Anything

With a second paladin, you need to take into account your spec and his or her main spec.  Make sure the person with the best talents for the job is casting that Blessing.

Depending on composition and non-paladin blessings, two paladins can cover an entire raid with all pertinent blessings.  The following should be done if you have additional raid buffs:

Battleshout–Replaces Might.  All relevant classes gain Sanctuary.

Drums–Replaces Kings. Can be useful if you need Sanctuary for progression.

Mana Spring Totem–Replaces Wisdom.  If you do not have a Holy paladin in your raid, do not cast Wisdom if this is available.

Death Knight

Might and Kings


Kings and


Moonkin or TreeWisdom


Might and Kings


Wisdom and Kings


Kings and




Note: If a Protection paladin and any other combination, I generally suggest that long buffs be cast of your preferred, and short buffs of kings.


Kings and Might


Kings and


Elemental or Restoration–Wisdom


Kings and Might


Kings and Wisdom

Three or More

With four paladins you can buff every class with every buff; with three, you can buff every class but paladins, shamans and druids with every potential buff.  Make sure that those paladins with full talents in the buff are assigned.

Be careful!  If you do not have talented Might and Battleshout is available or Wisdom and Mana Spring Totem is available, do not use those blessings.

All classes

Kings and Sanctuary

AP classes

Death Knight, Hunter, Rogue, Warrior



Mages, Warlocks



Druids, Paladins, Shamans

Might and Wisdom

Final Notes

If you’ve ever in a jam, and can’t decide, it’s hard to go wrong with Kings! However, if you’re ever called on to be the Blessing Diva of your guild or raid, be prepared, and save yourself those annoying, “But I wanted the other one,” spam.


14 thoughts on “Blessings for All

  1. As an Arcane Mage, I personally prefer Kings over Wisdom if there is only a single Paladin in the group. Mana regen is fine and all, but with so many other methods of conserving and restoring my mana to me, I'll take a flat increase in DPS over a little more mana that I'm not as likely to need.

    • That's exactly what I said. When dealing mages cast Wisdom unless you have Arcane mages. Did you miss it?

  2. As a holy paladin, I prefer kings over wisdom. From a theorycrafting point of view, I believe wisdom does increase mana regen more than kings, but I like the slight increase in mana/spell power/crit from the extra int. The extra stam is always appreciated as well.

    You might want to mention that if you're raiding with another paladin or more, having a buff managing addon (most use pally power but there are others) is almost a necessity.

    • Actually, after thinking about it from some time, the 92mp5 (or 110.4 mp5 from improved) is definitely good, especially for a new, lesser geared paladin who does have as much intellect. However, at ~ 2000 intellect, the 10% from that is 200 intellect, which I would take over the mp5 any day.

      • It often does depend on where you are in the game. Protection paladins will often want kings in heroics as well; however, in solo situations, you have total control over your own blessing choice as well. Scaling issues are definitely pertinent to the kings vs. wisdom and when in doubt, kings will cover everything. I think in most situations when you only have one holy paladin you probably are missing other regen sources as well, so mp5 is a better choice imo.

        • Actually, I have to argue against that. A healadin will nearly always want Kings in all grouping and raiding situations, even if Replenishment is not available. The "INT barrier" where Kings is better than Imp. Wisdom is at 1467 INT (110.4 MP5 ~= 146.7 INT, given a [conservative] weight of 1 INT = .75 MP5). Considering that a friend's fresh level 80 healadin (using some T6, mind!) has 1465 INT completely unbuffed, there is no way any raiding paladin will ever have less than the "barrier" in INT.

          Ophelie emailed about this, so I thought that I would share the math with you that I shared with her. 🙂

          • Thank you for confirmation of the correct threshold. I was having problems finding any information on thresholds for single paladin situations, and will update my information.

            Paladins stack more intellect than any other class, and I assumed that they wouldn't hit their threshold so quickly.

  3. As a mage, I always want wisdom over kings if there is only one paladin. Most of the fights in ICC require a high burst and long burn (Deathwisper's mana shield, the Blood Queen's really tightly tuned, Festergut) and the less times I have to evoce the better.

    With the right raid comp, including Wisdom, I can get by with only using evocation once, usually. My stats are to a point where I can stand a loss of Kings, especially in 10's. So I would say, with mages (all specs) I would use Wisdom first.

    • In most situations Arcane will greatly benefit from Kings > Wisdom due to the increased mana pool.

      • You're probably right. Even though, raid buffed and with Talisman I am at over 31k mana, I still burn through it quickly.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Mana SPRING totem is the one wisdom doesn't stack with. Mana TIDE is the talented resto one that acts like a little innervate.

    • Oh seriously, I can't believe I did that! /bad shaman.

      Thanks for the correction, I'll get it edited!

  5. As a priest, I always prefer Kings upon wisdom. The 10% intel and spirit will give about 40 to 50 mp5 without replenishment, but with replenishment and other regen buffs based on max mana that's more regen than Wisdom, and it adds crit and/or spell power.

    As a resto shaman, I prefer Kings too, even if don't drop Mana Spring Totem. And I prefer a non-talented Wisdom above my talented Mana Spring Totem (my Healing Stream Totem can heal for a huge amount depending of the fight).

    I don't play dps casters but I can't see how they could prefer Wisdom to Kings. Kings will give them some crit, and often some spell power thanks to spirit conversion. And I've never seen a dps caster going oom since WotLK.

    By the way, Sanctuary is useless if you have a disc priest in your raid. Unless the disc priest don't cast any shields, Renewed Hope will be up at all times.

    • I remember being a new shaman/priest/paladin in 5-mans and first stepping into raiding and running oom. Often 🙂 Honestly, I didn't write this guide for end-game raiders–you do blessings every night, and don't need a hand figuring out what you would prefer. I would point out, that even for priests, I noted that experienced players may request Kings, because as character's gear/stats improve the need for wisdom diminishes. If there's one paladin, I'm likely going to ask for Kings over anything else, but it's because I'm at a point where mana regeneration is not an issue. I'd say most current content raiders would say the same. However, if I'm stepping into a raid setting with a group I don't know–they're getting Wisdom, simply because I don't know their throughput/stability and people tend to mash their healing buttons overmuch.

      I prefer Sancruary over disc bubbles–will remain up and it's a flat 30-minute buff. Not everyone has disc priests (or disc priests that aren't dedicated tank healers), and if I have to choose between a direct heal from a disc or a guaranteed 30 minute coverage, I'll go for the full coverage every time.

      Again, on totems, it definitely depends on your raiding situation. I run with 3-4 paladins and 3-4 shamans most nights, so blessings/totems aren't a huge issue; I don't suggest Mana Tide > Imp. Wisdom, or if the only shaman, over regular wisdom either. However, if multiple paladin/shaman situations, you also need to know NOT to cast that blessing and/or totem if you were not aware of the conflict.

      Mages do better with wisdom unless they are arcane, in which case, Kings is a size-able improvement.

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