Armory: Now with Blog Links?

To blog or not to blog that is… ummm, not the question. This week Anea asks, “If you could add your blog link to your armory page would you?”

What’s Your Speciality?

Are you a raiding whiz?  A leveling guru?  A loner, a social butterfly, a firecracker?

Me, I’m an alt.  I imagine myself, complete with cane, complaining about the state of affairs today and eye-balling all the young ‘uns with a mixture of envy and scorn as they run around Azeroth enjoying their game time with an abandon I imagine I’ve experienced but barely remember.

The first question for me would be, where would I put my link?  On my “main” who I cannot even decide whether I want to keep or not?  My blogging alt in <SAN>.  Surely not my super-secret hopefully no-one knows this alt exists private time leveler.  I wouldn’t particularly want my blog attached to my account, identifying my 50 characters across 10 or so servers to the world, but neither would I want to individually update every official alt I share with my readers as my interest waxes and wanes in some complex cycle of love and hate.

Nor am I a big proponent of sharing my blogging life with potential guilds.  If I want to guild an alt as a raider, I don’t want a potential big brother checking my armory and finding out I have 5 different characters, all in varying guilds, and deciding I don’t have time to raid with them when I really, really do.  Maybe.  I’m pretty sure.  I at least cleared my calendar for them!

Reader are Good!

I’m sure the pro to many bloggers, especially those who have an undying lust for a single character or who provide raiding strategies or pretty pictures, would be an increased readership.

You really think so?  For me, I doubt it.  My main is in a top 25 guild on her server, but… she’s not exactly the number one restoration shaman of all time.  My main is firmly dedicated to her raiding guild and doesn’t pug much–my alts get to have all the fun of that experience.  No one armories me to find out what spec/glyphs/gear to shoot for, because I’m really just not that awesome.  I have a niggling suspicion that I get more armory clicks than I’d wish off my blog.  Really, nothing to see *shoo*

If I got one extra reader from an armory exposition I’d be surprised… and more likely I’d get hate mail because…

I’m Not That Discrete

My blog is my space (no not that one) and I don’t feel any compunction about crying over a particularly bad pug, or even highlighting a problem I’m having in guild.  Now, that being said, when I have a problem, they generally know it in-game before it ever goes live here.  I wouldn’t do something that crass to my beloved guildies (who do know I exist), but a random asshat… meh.  Meh indeed.

Now, do I want a random asshat to be able to armory, track down my blog, and continue to make my life unenjoyable?  Not happening.  While I may direct someone on my server or who I play with to my blog, for the most part, I’d just as soon save myself from random people I may interact with on my server.  Those who find me from the interwebs do so from word of mouth, an association I have in the blogging community, or in the search for particular information.  The chances of asshattery is severely curtailed because of how people find me.  If I make an inappropriate comment in a fellow bloggers space and someone comes to harass me–well, I knew the risk when I made the comment.

So, For Me

The answer is definitely a resounding No Thanks! If I was in an awesome top guild and shared all my wisdom about encounters, killing things, and making things easier for the next guy trying to do the pull, I’d probably consider it.  However, I have no aspirations to be that raider ever again.  If by some miracle of inattention it happens, I may change my stance on the issue, but until then, you’ll just have to find me the good old-fashioned way.


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