Demoralizing Search Terms

Information works two ways.  You get to search for what you want, but I also get to know what search term brought you to my little corner of the interwebz.

Most of the time, my searches are fairly innocuous and don’t deserve much attention; however, I had to wonder about my reputation when I had this one hit yesterday:

bad shamans that chain heal spam

It wasn’t me, honest!


6 thoughts on “Demoralizing Search Terms

  1. Had one of those ( a Chain healing spamming shammy) – we caught on ewhen people were dying, on questioning why? "It's the most mana efficient and effective heal." when he was full mana..

    • It's a good spell, and the best one for many situations; however, it doesn't preclude keeping riptide rolling and a quick spot of LHW when needed. Sheesh 😛

  2. It's very odd seeing the search terms that brings people to various places. It does make you wonder about the algorithms in the search engines sometimes.

    My favourite:
    Blizzard should just remove warriors

    • Lawl. Although I haven't quite finished mine, I've found her quite enjoyable once I got past the whole rage-starved leveling portion ^^

    • Hey, I was curious, I googled it. I was like, 50 out of a million other blogs out there–seriously?? Why'd they go to page 5 😛

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