A Surprising Goodbye

One of my newer blogging reads, Crankyhealer, has given a rather abrupt goodbye today.  While it’s for all the right reasons (guild love!) I’ll miss her!

Her goodbye post wasn’t accepting comments, it appears she’s left twitter as well, and I couldn’t find a contact for her, so if you happen to stop by ::hugs:: I enjoyed meeting you and I wish you well!

4 thoughts on “A Surprising Goodbye

  1. Bye Cranky 😦

    Here's to hoping you have a change of heart and one day come back, but enjoy yourself ingame either way, will miss your blog!

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  4. Sad panda is sad over here, too. I'm gonna wait a couple of days before posting anything about this because right now I just want to be angry and smash things. I doubt I have a single constructive thing to say.

    /le sigh

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