Welcome Back… Ha!

So I’m still spending more days on my rump than on my ‘good’ leg, yet slowly, I am recovering.  I am currently spending much of my day reading 3 weeks worth of material trying to catch up to return to school next week, and have tried (really I have!) to ignore the siren call of WoW.  However, I miss my friends, my guildies, the general hussle and bussle of Dalaran.

Sunday I popped on the guild boards to give an update, and… it was probably a mistake!  I got lots of love and PM’s from guildies, and it made me want to get back involved in the game in some small way.  So  Monday afternoon I thought I’d run my daily dungeon.  I mean, I’m probably rusty–use it or lose it and all that, right?  That, and I know I am horribly behind on the frost badge race.  I only have on piece of T10 and 40 something frosties.  Something must be done!

A Quiet Afternoon

I logged in to only a few guildies.  Ours is an “older” guild (see, quotes ladies) and most members are off working or taking care of kids until the evening hour.  No problem!  I wanted a random at any rate to get those nice shiny frosties.  I queue up for a dungeon, check my quite neglected mailbox and wait for the “Yay healer” cry to resound.

Boy howdy.

ToC came up.  Not my favorite, but not the worst dungeon in the world.  I look at my party frames when the loading screen finishes and see a bad sign–everyone’s health is at half.  I thought…

  • Wipe
  • Healer bailed
  • /flee

but I’m not that mean… right?  Right.  I glance at the tank and notice the health pool–27k.  Ok, I’ve got a new tank, and the healer got frustrated.  Been there, done that.  I heal up the group, throw an Earth Shield on the tank and say hiya.

-Tank: Make sure you heal me.  I’ve already paid 65g in repairs.

-Me: You do your job, and I’ll do mine.

Ok, so I wasn’t nice, but sheesh.  “Hi.”  “We lost our last healer.”  Anything is better than a dressing down before I even get my little feet wet!

They’ve got Paletress out when I come in.  Things weren’t smooth to say the least.  The ranged always chose the point opposite from me, and running to her seemed to communicate *MOVE NAO* instead of, “I’m trying to heal you twit!”  However, judging by the overall dps and the tanks health + his dps, I’d say I’d gotten some younger players–I can do this.  I’m rocking a T10, I’m awesome-sauce right.

Ha Ha Ha

The Black Knight, the pinnacle of evil was srs bzns for this group.  Moving out of exploding undead seemed to be a problem.  I was running around with half of the pack right before the tanks demise.  I didn’t say anything after our first death.  Obviously the tank was feeling overwhelmed, and phase 2 can be  a toughie.   No problem.  We hustle back in, the tank makes the obligatory “This repair just cost me x gold” and we engaged again.

Phase 2, I’m streaming a ghoul pack as I try to heal everyone.  I keep everyone up till phase 3 where I get the ghoul there too.  *grrr*  Ok, warrior struggling with big ol’ pack of mobs–I’m willing to be sympathetic–any tank who can’t handle two adds when one is beating the beejezus out of your healer and you’re DYING HELLO!!!!! /eyeroll.  I kept myself and the enhancement shaman up till 30% and then we died.

Back in.  I’m feeling a mite peeved.  The warrior starts going on how he has had such HORRIBLE people for this run, and has wasted an entire HOUR in this group.  I’m amazed.  Shocked even.  An hour?  So I ask if he needs something.  No.   He doesn’t.  Oh boy, I’ve got an idiot on my hands.  I decide, hey, maybe he just needs some direction.  I don’t even think about asking for help on the undead pack in phase 2, I merely ask for a taunt on the phase 3 ghoul because of the punishing debuff.

-Tank: You need to me to taunt that or what?

-Other Shaman: Isn’t that your job as a tank?  To tank things?

-Tank: I’ll blow challenging shout.

-Me.  There’s only one ghoul in phase 3.  How about challenging shout halfway through phase 2, and single-target taunt in phase 3.

-Tank: That makes sense.

By now my dungeon finder debuff is about to wear off.  “I don’t care,” I think, “I’ll take a 30 minute deserter debuff, I’ll pay if they group kick me, anything… maybe I could go farm some worm meat…. it worked for Chas!”

Phase 2 goes much more smoothly, I’ve only got 4 or 5 ghouls by the end of the phase.  Phase 3 begins.  The tank goes from 25k to 0 in less time than it takes to cast a Riptide/LHW.  Seriously?   The tank starts yelling “What happened.  OMFG, another repair bill!”  I’m too busy healing the Earth Elemental (I love you enhance shammy ❤ ❤ <3) to listen to him, but I wanted to throw back “Check YOUR logs!”  Holy shit.

We win.  Oh yay!  The tank rolls Need on the orb.  /eyeroll.  Everyone catches it but the poor hapless mage, and it goes to the DK.  Hah!  I promptly ignore, disband, and my internet connection dies.

My God, I miss my guild.


6 thoughts on “Welcome Back… Ha!

      • We miss you too. *hug* Glad you're feeling better. It was so nice to see you online last night if only for a few minutes.

        Oh, I had a winner random the other day. I outgeared the rest of the group by 40+ points in average iLevel (not to be a gear snob, but that's a lot) not to mention the lack of gems/enchants in the group. I wound up off-tanking most of the AOE pulls (thank goodness for wearing plate and carrying a shield). I had to use LOH more than once (which I pretty much never do in a 5-man). We finished with no deaths, and once I untensed I was kind of proud of that, but wow did I have to work for it. Pugging makes you appreciate having a decent guild, cause even when they screw up (and we all do from time to time), at least they don't feel the need to yell at you or pass around blame and sometimes it becomes a silly story and good-natured teasing.

        Get school in order and then come help me heal some big green dragon. I'll bring the pie. 😉

        • Woot! I can whip out some big ol' Healing Waves on a good day ^^ Only got one more paper and two more books to read.

  1. Wow. That tank was … special.

    I can't believe you stuck it out to be honest, although well done for doing so.

    I would assuredly have fled like the coward I am.

    • Good thing the Shaman whipped out his Earth Elemental because that WAS my last attempt. I have a poor lost souls syndrome that has me staying much longer than random strangers deserve.

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