Look What You've Done… I Mean Thanks!

When I started, I didn’t think this little project would last six months.  I’m enthusiastic about new projects, but I have a great tendency to lag off as my interest gets pulled and new projects.

But… I passed six months a couple of weeks ago and didn’t even notice!

The Numbers Thus Far

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I started the blog on September 3, 2009, and I’m still excited about my project as the day I started.  Why have I stayed so interested?  What is about this project that is keeping me locked to the computer?  Honestly, the community.  I know there’s been some hub-bub this week, but honestly, I’ve run across many great players, writers, enthusiasts and thinkers.

I joined Blog Azeroth.  I stopped just reading, and starting commenting, and discovered I wouldn’t lose my head even over the silliest or least relevant of topics.  I finally worked up the nerve to make a Twitter account, which I thought I would never, ever do.  I mean, honestly, who cares if I’m waking or sleeping?  Unless it’s Greatfather Winter, I just don’t see it.

Even more, I got up the nerve to volunteer for a guest post!  When Blog Azeroth asked for mods, I stuck my neck out there–I was still intimidated by the idea of moderating a forum that I used as a resource, but hey, I’ve done guild forums… couldn’t be that bad, right?  Now I found myself on the other side: welcoming new bloggers to the community and handing out advice like I know what I’m talking about *chortle* They do realize I’m still new right??

You’ve cast a spell on me, and I’d like to return the favor 😛

In the style of Tamarind’s Pox Party and Sideshow & Syrana’s Holiday Gift, I am offering myself as your personal muse.  It’s really quite a selfish gift–you may get a measly topic, but I get a whole post to read!

This is meant to be a low-stress and fun exchange of funnies and fun to celebrate my still pumping blog.  While 6 months may seem like a lark to some, to me its an important milestone, and the fact that it passed so effortlessly had me adding up the months a few times to make sure I hadn’t gotten confused ^^

If you’d like to participate, simply make a comment, and I will think of some dutifully wonderful or pain-staking topic for you to discuss in any length, depth or seriousness that you prefer.

Thank you for making me feel like a success.  Here’s wishing for another great six months!

Let the blogging begin.  Spell Cast: Muse ^^

Post-edit: If you’d like a topic to celebrate my blogaversy (it’s a real word, ask Jaedia), please post a comment by March 31st.  The Muse grows weary, and requires a chance to rejuvenate.  If you miss the deadline, don’t worry!  The Muse will be back I’m sure.

116 thoughts on “Look What You've Done… I Mean Thanks!

    • /cast Muse

      When I first visited your website I was absolutely blown away by your theme–the artwork, sidebars and even the fancy script. I know you were also kind enough to donate a beautiful button to A Healadin's Tear for a blogging contest.

      I'd like to know more about the artist! Is it a hobby, a passion, something you learned just to set up your blog? (haha)

  1. Ooh nice! I like to think I didn't start blogging until December, but realistically I started last August. I've definitely grown!

    /volunteers. Do your worst 😛

    • /cast Muse

      Recently I shared my very own Trashy Love Story and I keep hearing all these references to a mysterious Dan figure. He even did your whiny day post for you!

      While I won't request your own TSL (unless you'd really like to go there), I'd like to know how the lovely duo spends their time in or out of game.

    • /cast Muse

      I peruse a lot of new blogs as I welcome new bloggers to BA. Yours was one of those that really stood out–professionally laid out, and quick, tight posts right from the start.

      What'd I'd like to know is, why'd you start? When I read a post, I feel like you've been doing this forever, but I know darn well that I only welcomed you to my reader in the last couple of weeks! Curious minds want to know.

    • /cast Muse

      Hello my twiggy friend, I notice that you have many an alt, and make some beautiful wallpapers as you travel.

      What are your favorite places to visit?

    • /cast Muse

      Hey Kim ::waves:: It seems your raiding guild has hit the wall and you don't want to show up in K-mart with Prada (horrible darling).

      However, if you had your IDEAL group to run 5-mans with for the dailies, would you do it? What's constitutes that ideal? Is it enough to make even a short dungeon run worth doing over-geared?

    • /cast Muse

      The first time I stopped over on your blog, the first thing I noticed were the COLORS. Purple and orange seem to get top billing, but blue is thrown in there quite a bit as well.

      What's the deal with the rainbow? Oh, and why I wrote that I thought, give me 10 reasons Affliction Warlocks rock… I expect a kaleidoscope of colors ^^

    • /cast Muse

      I'm so popular with the warlocks today! Well, let's see…

      If your warlock and paladin met in a bar, how would the conversation go?

    • /cast Muse

      You've been covering the globe making an effort to catalogue all the nooks and crannies of Azeroth before the Cataclysm…but,

      What area are you most looking forward to seeing transformed?

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    • /cast Muse

      You're a busy gal, tell us how you keep the balance between your real-life and in-game life 😛

      • Windsoar from Jaded Alt has her 6 months blogging anniversary (Big grats on that!) and has therefore offered the blogging community a muse, an inspiration for other blogs on stuff the other blogs were about. I found out through this from one of my most favorite blogs (The Lazy Sniper from Jaedia) and decided to ask for a muse for my blog. This is what I got!

        Thanks for being my muse Windsoar 😀 I hope you enjoy my blogpost!

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  5. Congratulations – six months IS an important milestone! To many more months! /clinky

    Am I too late for some muse action?

    • Definitely not! I didn't put an end-date, because I wanted people to do it when they had the time or inclination, although if we're hitting another 6 months I may be frowning 😛

      /cast Muse
      I know you're an alt. I keep telling myself, "No doofus, she's an official alt now, forget that Holy stuff, she's not a main kinda girl… you should understand that!" And I try, I really do…

      But, if you had to choose a favorite race (playable or non-playable, currently available or just in your wildest imaginings) which would you choose?

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  7. /raises a glass
    "Here's to a great first six months. May you drink from the goblet of inspiration each day for many more. Here here!"

    I'm shocked at how much you know about all these people. I'm a little nervous.

    MUSE ME!

    • /cast Muse

      So, I know you play several toons, and they're in the around the 40-60 range (if nothing's changed :P) How did you NOT get hit with the leveling bug? How do you choose which toon to play, and what makes you trade them in for the next alt? Do you and the missus have a specific duo? What do you enjoy doing in-game together?

      Ok, that was mean–answer the ones you want and ignore the rest! I got a little carried away ^^

  8. congratulations Winsoar – I think it's testament to you that in a mere 6 months you're already such a vital part of the community!

    Muse me … gently … baby…

    • /cast *KABOOM*

      Shit… this stupid Muse wand. That shop-owner told me it only had 10 charges ::shakes the wand::

      /cast Muse

      Ah-ha! Your muse requests a pondering of classes to come. With your recent dwarf-dom experiences, do you think you could create a goblin? I know with my D&D prejudices, every-time I think goblin, I also think ::kill it!!! they'll eat the children!:: On the same vein, what about worgens? They were awesome skinning material for *SO LONG* for Hordies. Do you think they're really help "monster up" the staid perfectionists of the Alliance?

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  10. Congrats on your 6 month anniversary!

    I would love for you to /cast Muse on me. As long as I don't turn into a frog…I can't stomach eating flies.

    • I'll try to be careful!

      /cast Muse

      I know this will be a toughie, because how can you choose just one?

      That being said: what's your favorite pet taming story? What's your favorite pet you've caught so far? And how big would your stable have to be to accommodate all the pets you'd like to have?

  11. Grats on the 6 months. That's a huge milestone! I hope you keep it up. But what, oh muse, would you have this pint-sized Rogue write for you?

    – Sam

    • Thanks Sam!

      /cast Muse

      You've been slicing and dicing your way across Azeroth for many a year. While I know that you've changed your spec with changing buffs, nerfs, and weapon changes: What is your favorite spec (old or current)? If you got to pick directly from the weapon rack, what would be your weapon of choice?

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    • /cast Muse

      Those wonderful warlocks are quite vocal about their advantages over mages which can be summed up as "Warlocks RULE Mages DROOL!"

      As the newest mage (that I'm aware of) in the blog-o-sphere, I'd like you to weigh in, and tell us of the wonders of the mage.

  13. Windsoar, I don't feel I can ask you for a /muse since we haven't met! I don't know how I missed reference to your blog in my travels, but congratulations on your 6 month blogaversy, here's to another 6 months, it sounds like it'll be a great time. 🙂 What a kind thing to do to celebrate your own blogaversy, very much in the spirit of the community. I love it!

    • Thank you very much 🙂 Despite our first meeting, you're welcome to ask for /muse if the mood strikes ya before next Wednesday, and if not, I hope to see you around more often!

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    • I'd like an update!

      /cast Muse

      You state you'd like a Healer, Tank and DPS fairly geared and ready for current content. How's that going?

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  16. Hey Wind,

    Congrats on 6 months. I'll take you up on your offer it's still around,

    adam, (thenoisyrogue).

    • Hey Noisy,

      /cast Muse
      Give those new rogues (new to leveling or end-game) 10 tips for not sucking. Seriously. Anything. I don't know what it is lately, but the rogues have been bad–they used to be the smart one!

  17. First of all, congrats on 6 months! I've been skimming through some of your backlog recently, and it's always a good read.

    I wasn't planning on calling for the muse, but it seems mine has gone silent this week. So a quick filler may do me some good. 🙂

  18. You might find it amusing that I would like some Muse-ic to m-use. Bad joke is bad. I know im new to the community but I would appreciate some musing none-the-less.


    • Bad jokes are revered and shared happily with spouses on this side of the screen ^^

      /cast Muse
      Elemental totem rocking is your game, yet, how could it be better? What changes would make elemental rock the party (and scale our dps correctly in high-end content darnit!)?

    • /cast Muse

      What made you love shamans? Did you just KNOW or has the experience made you fall in love with your riptides and tidal waves?

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  20. Congratulations Windsoar. Enjoy your posts, im a fanboy thats for sure.
    Hope im not to late, but i could do with some A-muse-ment…!!
    Keep up the Awesome work….

  21. Congrats on your blogaversary! I've just recently stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying it. 🙂

    /cast Muse

    • Thank you 🙂

      /cast Muse
      If you had to choose a single class to remain faithful to for the next 3-6 months, what would you choose? For the purpose of this question, this is a newly rolled character, not one that you are currently attached too ^^ In that scenario, how would you level (quests or dungeons) would you stop to smell the roses, or high-tail it to 80?

    • Hai Kai!

      /cast Muse
      What is your favorite mini-pet collected so far? Same for you hunter pet companion! Was there any struggle in receiving your pet? Give us the stories ^^

      Your local muse.

      • Thanks for the inspiration! I'll get the post up asap! Feel free to just comment on my blog with your musings should you begin to wonder something while reading.


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    • /cast Muse

      I know, I know, you kill LOTS of people; however, there is always that one epic fight of underdog vs. overpowered character or the battleground that is beyond repair that magically turns around at the last moment and smashes the opposing side.

      Give us your most exciting PvP moment, Orc to human/draenei/gnome/night elf/dwarf in single handed combat OR a great BG moment that still makes you want to go ::pump fist:: AWESOME!

    • Wait just a minute, shouldn't I be the one inserting the coin since you're the pinball?? That's not your muse btw!

      /cast Muse
      When you dodder off to the inn for a pint of ale and to polish your shield what is your favorite tale to regale your listeners (we think they're listeners, they might just be uninterested patrons caught in your gravitational pull, but oh well!) with?

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    • Screenies!

      /cast Muse
      Your RSS Friday is one of my favorite features on your blog. Do you randomly just take a ton of screenshots, or do you think *awesome* hit the magic button, and the magic flies from there?

      • It will be posted on Monday, for your perusing. Had to get Final Fantasy XIII to stop gnawing on my leg long enough to type something that wasn't related to it. ^_^ Thanks again for the topic! /huggles

    • Ha, I got an admitted DM!

      /cast Muse
      If you were starting your own campaign in WoW, what would be your primary storyline? Would you focus on leveling your heroes, or the storytelling from point A to B?

      P.S. If you don't have that much time on your hands, feel free to track me down and throttle me and I promise to pick you another topic ❤

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      • The Muse is on a margarita holiday 😛 Sorry I can't help ya this time around, but I'll be musing again in the future! And, even if it's not official, you're welcome to rip someone else's topic for inspiration–we've got a couple that never got answered.

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