And Now for Something Fun!

So, Giblets of World of Giblets is trying an experiment for his newly minted SAN character.  This is his first time on a role-play, and he’d like to make a back-story for his intrepid adventurer Joe.  Here’s his original post at SAN:

I need everyone’s help! I decided i wanted to make a background history for my frost mage i have in SAN, but no idea what to write. So this is where i need you. just stop by my blog and read the post, it has all the info you need about my little project. Feel free to link to it from your blogs. The more people that participate the better. here is a link to my blog: World of Giblets

His blog post adds a bit more detail:

As the title says i need help coming up with a history for my frost mage in SAN. So i came up with a great idea which involves input from as many people as possible. So here is the idea:

Remember that story telling game where you start out with a sentence and then each person adds to the sentence to create a story? Well that is what i intend to do with my character’s history. All i ask is that it is kept to a PG level of language and content. Just leave the sentence as a comment and I’ll copy and paste the story to another post as it progresses so we can read it easier. His mannerism is that of a person with ADD. Alrighty, so here is the first line:  “Joe Giblets was born in Southshore 26 years ago.”

Commence to storytelling!!

(p.s. the funnier it gets the better!)

I’ve added my contribution:

He thought the effects of Ice Block would help with his racing thoughts, yet when he thinks he does it, sometimes with disastrous results!

And I look forward to reading yours!