It Blowed Up!

So my laptop officially crashed and burned.  Fortunately it didn’t turn into slag, so I am able to move files over as long as I’m careful to not overheat it.  The good/bad news is that I’ve got a new desktop rig that didn’t break my bank *yay*

The bad news–trying to get everything moved, organized and downloaded so that I can continue to write papers, play WoW and not be totally lost without my music collection!

Since I likely won’t have any new and interesting WoW news for the next day or two, I direct you to my saved reads from the last time I shared with you.  Sorry if there are some oldies, but I guarantee there will be some goodies.

Totem Tossing provides us some amusing quotes and quips from the denizens of Icecrown Citadel.

Diabolical Minds is taking a survey of what you think of community.  If you’re interested stop on by, read the concept, and either e-mail or comment on your response.

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of, but hey, I’ve got boobs, maybe I’m on the wrong side of the fence to comment on this.  Pugnacious Priest looks at a service that puts men and women together in the game world–for a fee.

View Through the Branches does a cost analysis of WoW.

While its a basic tenement of add-on survival, every patch day we see it repeated, so I thought it was worth a re-post (this one courtesy of

We all have our own quirks when it comes to keybinds (keyboard or mouse) and Dreambound highlights hers in this easy to read illustration.

Sex?  When is it appropriate, how should it be handled, and are you up for the impact on your character?  A roleplayer’s delight, this is a great read for anyone interested in looking behind the scenes of roleplay–done well, done right.  Thanks Physician’s Log.  Oh, and check out her paladin specific add-on discussion: CLCBPT.  While I’m a proponent for all characters must use add-ons, well, sometimes it’s worth having a specific one now and again–and this definitely looks like one for all you holy paladins.

Your first 80?  Play a hunter?  The Hunter’s Mark has you covered with easy to understand advice and tips for the newest of players looking to get involved in end-game activities.

The WoWstorm starts a discussion on the transparency of mechanics.  You know, and I know that in-game the tools are insufficient for helping new characters make end-game decisions about filling out your kit.  Or am I wrong?  Go weigh in!

Kurn’s Note to Self… is a great read for anyone who PuGs.

You can check out another defense of add-ons as raiding tools by Clearcasting as well.  I always love these, but we all know I’m an add-on junkie 😛

And finally MissMedicina discusses the misconceptions about tank healing (although its helluva old by now, it was still starred, so I have to assume I haven’t taken the time to share it yet).

Oh, and if you’re interested, the Spell Cast: Muse project is going quite well–until the project is complete, I’m going to force you to read by pingbacks OR you can wait until the page gets posted as you prefer!


5 thoughts on “It Blowed Up!

  1. My laptop blows up all the time. Of course, HP decided to make it almost totally out of metal so it overheats very easily.
    Solution: point a fan at it. Usually works for me.

    • Everything seems to have been safely ferried across.

      My laptop is over 5 years old, while the fan has been an issue for awhile, it's also cheap to replace.

      The blue screen of death is a bigger problem for me–once they become pervasive, I start looking for new hardware.

  2. My VAIO overheats if I play WoW on it and it makes a heck of a noise. I could a USB stand for it that has a integrated fans to keep it cool and it seems to help quite a bit.

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