The State of My UI

So, I recently obtained a new desktop, and I’ve been slowly working on rebuilding.  I chose not to transfer my WTF folder over, because my screen size drastically changed, and I didn’t want to deal with distortion: I thought a full rebuild would be best.

However, after “finishing” last night (I’m never REALLY finished you know) I thought… I don’t like it.  It just isn’t right this way.

I think part of the reason is that I am used to playing at 60-70% of average size.  My buttons all look huge, they take up so much space, yet they’re so far apart–gah!  I think the solution is a more compact model so that my mouse isn’t swinging crazily from side to side as I try to perform different roles.  I honestly don’t know what do with all the space–it’s epic, but a little intimidating for a 1200×800 resolution pro ^^

Any suggestions on compilations or ideas to fiddle with would be great at this point!  I really loved this set-up and am a bit disappointed that it’s not working for me at the moment.  However, please don’t let my husband think I don’t love my monitor–I can actually see my spells on the floor and don’t have 5-6 fps in Dalaran /glee!

Edit for a 5-man shot:

11 thoughts on “The State of My UI

  1. What is the stuff in the panel above/next to your buffs? It's like map/broker stuff but not…

    Well, what about it isn't right? I can't really suggest anything because I want this monitor size/UI space.

    • That stuff is from libdatabrokers and my map addon actually: fps; cash; dungeon-raid size (which is actually with my minimap, but I hate it there); friends; guild; exp; and everyquest's broker.

      Maybe I just need to chill and play a few days–everything just seems ginormous.

  2. She's too used to tanking raids with a scrunched up screen and 2fps. I keep telling her to trade computers with me. It'll be more what she's used to.

  3. If the icons and that are too big for you you can always change your ui scale. I think it's in the interface options? Sorry I'm not at a computer right now or I'd get the exact location but I'm pretty sure it's just called ui scale. You can use it to make everything in your ui bigger or smaller.

    With having everything too far apart, I have found the best method for healing for me is to have my grid just underneath my toons feet, beneath my cast bar. This means that my eyes aren't ever too far away to notice if I'm standing in something, and it doesn't really get in the way.

    • I used to have a "control panel" type setup with grid surrounded by my various panels that I liked quite well. I might go back to that since I now have enough room for a full bottom panel without everything being nigh illegible.

  4. You could always change the viewport? so you have a smaller playable area perhaps?
    But I went from a 17 to a 24 inch, you get used to it after a few runs 😀

    • I should have also mentioned – are you using Reflux? It is an awesome mod if you aren't, go and have a look into it.

      • I've heard of reflux but been too wimpy to try it as of yet–it'd probably be a good solution to trying out different things with this monitor though. Thanks 🙂

        • Reflux is awesome, I just didn't read hwo to use it properly and when I went to install it, I reset all my hard work on my UI and had to start from scratch, but it is a dream when you have too many alts and what your UI to just be the same each time, one command and all your addons are set up…It is so nice 😀

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