Random: Karazhan

No, I haven’t been raiding.  Or leveling.  Honestly, I haven’t been doing much of anything but reading, writing, watching t.v. while I hope to GOD the swelling will go down in my leg.  Jeez.

I may or may not have explicitly mentioned, but the Rubicund (lazer chicken pew pew) and Aleria (the Tankadin once known as Lyre) were both server transferred to our new home on Scarlet Crusade.  Possibly my favorite leveling duo of all time with my husband, if we wanna run something fun, you’re likely to find us tanking and pew pewing things together.

We’ve always had this plan to get all the cool mounts.  The project frequently ends up on the back burner as we pursue other interesting projects… raiding, leveling, or farming for some cool something or other that we need for the previous.  However, over the weekend, I dusted off my armor and he fluffed up his feathers so we could go playing in Kara.  We took our GM’s newly 80 priest for some nummy rep–as long as she didn’t roll on our mount!  (Mercenary souls are we, yes indeed.)

So, we poked around in crevices and corners you rarely do once you learn the dungeon.  We checked out the kitchen, we cleared out the pre-Kara area that spawns a random boss, and even made sure all the opera guests were decimated before we started the performance.

What we weren’t expecting, was the surprising lack of cash!  You know, the upper tier benefectors that used to drop major bucks?  I think the highest cash loot I saw on the entire tier was 75 silver or so.  Split three ways, it makes the balcony cleaning much less appealing for an adventurer in plate trying to make a few extra bucks!

I am happy to say that we garnered three enchanting recipes for our GM’s enchanter, and had a great time reminiscing as we ran around stairwells and dropped into familiar rooms in unexpected places.  Running an old dungeon is a great way to have a nice relaxing evening with a few close friends, where chatting takes priority over the killing!

3 thoughts on “Random: Karazhan

  1. Ah yes, Kara 🙂 My husband and I keep meaning to go there for some mount-farming and Mongoose but we haven't yet. Perhaps that's a project for the easter weekend!

    • It's definitely not a huge time commitment, and we used to do it every weekend for awhile, but it fell by the wayside in the server changes and all that 🙂 Raiding with your spouse can be fun, but duo-ing dungeons is much better imo, or to get to know an on-line friend better ^^

      • ❤ It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the invite and I'd love to go again some time.

        I used to get lost in Kara a lot (no, seriously, even though I raided it with 3 different toons in BC). They really upped the drop rates on the enchants, so it's nice to go back and pick them up if you get a chance.

        Oh, and I won't roll on mounts unless I'm on my main anyway. 🙂

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