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As you know, I don’t do this on any kind of schedule, but I thought I had a large enough compilation of links to share with everyone again ^^

First off, go talk to BBB.  He’s tired, frustrated, and needs some love.  I don’t care if he doesn’t write about WoW anymore, what would I do without my bear-walls in the morning?

While I had no interest in “discussing” the /squeeeeee of sparkly ponies, I also didn’t see the point of getting into the “omg, you spend real money on pixels!???”  Ummmm, don’t we all–it’s called World of Warcraft and we pay up every month.  Cuppytalk summed it up for me.

Murloc Parliment is busting (back) on the scene, and there’s a couple of things that might of interest to all you bloggers out there–Earth Day post recycling and a comments comparison between IntenseDebate and Disqus.  For you non-bloggers, there’s also a great post on GM’ing styles, and one on assigning healers in raids.

Death Knights are a new class, but they’ve had their share of changes.  Many took the leap to making DK’s their new main, and 2fps looks back on the changes.

Ever been a raid and have your spouse ready to strangle you?  Did they ask for spouse applications?  Go check one out at Slice and Dice ^^

Couple of new things for restoration shamans: Vixsin at Life in Group 5 talks about the updated EJ thinktank values for restoration glyphs.  If you’re finding yourself not rip-tiding, it’s definitely worth a read.  And the ‘mental Shaman added a restoration shaman, Dr. Feelgood, to the team who discusses Resto shaman basics.

Flow discusses our special snowflake status and bloodlust.  Yes, we understand that we don’t NEED to be the only class with bloodlust–I’m cool with that.  What I’m not cool with is being considered a hybrid i.e. 5% less damage output to the raid (especially for elementals and their scaling issues), and having one of my saving graces that makes my hybridness acceptable given to a pure dps class that already tops the meters, and brings plenty of fun to the raid: CC, teleports & strudel!  Anyway, go read his–it’s well-thought out and not just a QQ fest like I would be tempted to hold.

And last but not least, The Hunter’s Mark takes a look at the evolution of dungeon mechanics–from 5-mans to raids–and makes some predictions about future content.  A long read, but worth it!

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