Where Be the Warriors?

So I was going through my feed-reader trying to decide if I needed to update my blog-roll ::again:: and I actually had to create a folder for Warriors when adding a blog.  I had not one Warrior dedicated blog in my entire feed: no tanks, no dps, no pvp.  What the hell?

As one of the oldest, and most iconic classes in any MMO, why haven’t I stumbled across any warriors yet?  Do I hang in the wrong tanking circles?  I’ve got paladins, druids and death knights, and I’d love to have some warriors in my reader.

If you have a favorite warrior that needs another reader, clue me in!


24 thoughts on “Where Be the Warriors?

    • Thanks! I don't really aspire to be a warrior tank, but I love TO tank, and I was missing the warrior perspective.

      I'm up to 4 warrior tanking blogs now ^^ Just need some deeps!

  1. I'd definitely say it's just that you're hanging in a different circles. There are a ton of Warrior tanking blogs out there although lately I must admit many of us are pretty stagnant. That said, most of us have been around for a lot longer than those of other classes.

    • I actually remember Tanking Tips from long, long ago, but Warrior has been one of my last characters to level, so I didn't much keep up with them. I've gotten in the habit of reading a bit of everything though, and am definitely noticing the hole.

  2. What about fury warrior blogs? I'm gearing mine back again but it looks like all I find is druid and warlock blogs…

  3. I like Tank Like a Girl, although she's not updating as much anymore as she used to: http://www.tanklikeagirl.com.
    Then there's Achtung Panzercow: panzercow.wordpress.com
    You already know TankingTips and Daraxxus.
    That's all i got for you I'm afraid…

  4. You're welcome to all my posts … every 1 in a 100 is probably about warriors as well. 🙂

    I am not very good at repeating warrior tanking analysis, as they are much better covered elsewhere.

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