Gnashing of Teeth

If you don’t want to catch the gripe bug, please carry on.

The Place: Heroic Halls of Reflection

The Toon: Aliera

The Story: After entering and buffing the DK starts a run-down of all the tanking gear he requires from this instance.  He’s not in a tanking role, but I just listen thinking “It’s a good idea to know what your off-spec needs.”  The tank axe drops.  It’s a marginal upgrade so I greed.  The DK needs.  I say something along the lines of “I’m glad I didn’t need that for my main spec.”  The dps warrior (who happens to really be a tank as well) also could have used it, but had also greeded because… well… he was there to dps.

Not to mention that said DK was dropping D&D in front of my con on every freaking pull.  Or that he pulled an Army of the Dead on wave 9/10.  Perhaps he’s never tanked it, what do I know, but it seems rather obvious to me that the entire first area of the dungeon requires a great deal of consistently good AoE control.  Maybe it’s just me.  The army dies before the pull is over and the healer gets silenced back to back.  Tank is fuming.

The group then gets a lecture the entire run up the icy gauntlet about how we need to back up… although we’re standing within two steps of the ice wall.  Seriously?

We finish, pop the chest, and lo and behold there’s some awesome dps boots inside.  I really need these for my dps set, but I’m tanking so I roll greed.  Ya, you guessed it, the DK rolls Need.  Jerk.

The Place: Scarlet Monastery: Library

The Toon: Cinead (oh, I have a new mage btw)

The Story: Enter dungeon and begin buffing.  The paladin “tank” pulls while the priest and I are handing out buffs.  It’s a 2-mob pull, but I’m feeling particularly frosty, so I finish the buffs and toss a blizzard.  The guy has had more than ample time to generate aggro, right?  Wrong.  I manage to snag both mobs from the tank.  I iceblock, they run for the healer, I take off iceblock frost nova.  The healer is smart and backs out of range (this is more rare than you think).

Mobs die as I run in a circle once nova wears off.  I am seriously not impressed.  We enter into the first hallway and the paladin sits to drink.  While he is doing so the L40 rogue (why is he in the library again?) sprints down the hallway, picks up the first two mob packs plus the patrol (about 7 mobs) and brings them back.  They insta-gib the healer as the rogue vanishes.  I frost nova and leave group.  And I have to suffer a 30 minute debuff.  Dammit.

The Place: The Nexus

The Toon: Corrinna

The Story: Yay Nexus!  I have quests there and everything.  We enter, buff up, and begin the run to the first mob.  The healer is instructing the tank to “chain-pull.”  The tank wisely ignores this advice.  Why wisely?  Because the tank doesn’t understand that there is more than one target in most pulls that also require a smack in the face, a thunderclap, or a taunt.  We manage to stumble along.  We wipe on the “mini-boss” (this is regular, he’s not a huge monster) because the hunter tabbed to the next pack of monsters and pulled 3 more mobs.  Like the tank wasn’t already having issues with the 3 he had?

We finally manage to make it to the first boss.  She dies.  We round the corner on the way to the scary shadow and the tank pulls the left hand mob pack.  While the pat is bearing down on him.  No problem, we’ll get those too.  Oh, and the healer freaked out and ran right into the mob pack in the right alcove.  Of course, it’s all the fault of the dps, the tank leaves in a huff, and we solicit a new tank.  New tank joins the party, pulls, and disconnects.  Gawd.

/gives up

10 thoughts on “Gnashing of Teeth

  1. I know the feeling. At the moment the Random Dungeon tool is turning me into a bitter and twisted person.

    Fights over loot, even trash items. Fights over various group members varying "skill" levels. Tanks wanting to kick healers and vice versa. People signing up as tanks and then going "oh but you've got more health than me" to the cat druid who only wants to dps because his main is a prot warrior.

    I really don't know how people manage to level just through running dungeons. I manage one, then I need to go and PvP for a couple of hours to remove frustration.

    • I run one, run around and quest for an hour and then consider re-queuing. I don't think I could level exclusively LFG unless I was just doing 1 run a day and then moving to a different toon.

    • Oh noes! I've lost three then. Why can't I have a warlock? They don't have souls to be eaten >.<

  2. Leaving a party while in combat should result in a 60 minute debuff, not 30 minutes.

    I HATE tanks that pull and disband. Especially DK tanks that pull that crap b/c they perpetuate the Deathtard stigma.

    Poopy instance luck!

    • So, I should have suffered an hour instead of 30 minutes for leaving a bunch of retards? The door WAS reachable 😛

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