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I’ll be updating my used add-ons page in the next couple of days, but I thought I’d share what I’ve come up with for my monster.  There’s still a couple of things I’d like to do some more work on (chat background for one) but I think this is going to be my base for a few weeks at least ^^

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  1. I look forward to reading all about it. Currently I'm only using DBM, Recount, Atlasloot, and Sexymap as my addons. I tried to use others, such as: Grid, Bartender, Pitbull. I had a hard time configuring them so I just dropped them. I'm a sentimental creature. I don't want to get rid of my bars because I love the original ones too much. Get rid of the original character protrait. . .but why? I mean sexymap is a strech for me. I hope to get into the swing of addons but it means changing everything. . .


    • There are some good add-ons that keep the original textures and feel while giving some added functionality. I'll add them to my list ^^

  2. That's nice Wind. Hella nice. I love the rectangle of goodness at the bottom (that's why I have one too). I see you are using DXE, too. I just made the switch to that a couple weeks ago while we were griding LK; the timers seem much more accurate than DBM.

    Oh hey, check out Docs Nameplates. I have been using them for a while now and they are much cleaner out of the box than Tidy Plates and I like his aggro icon better that the outline of Tidy. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.ph

    • Ya, I stole the box idea from you ^^ I've been using DXE for awhile and haven't looked back. Yet to try AVR, but I think that's going to be too much mess on my screen personally.

      This is actually the first time I've used ANY nameplates, so I wanted something I didn't have to do much with. I'd definitely check out doc's though. Thanks Teb!

      • Are you talking about this?

        I had never even seen it, but it looks like our rl could use it, maybe. But then again he talks a lot anyway, and I just think he would be a younger wow version of Madden.

        Yeah, I only started playing with nameplates during ToGC for faction champs. I don't see how I played so long without them, now. I still want them to be minimal, but I like having them.

    • Currently I'm using TidyPlates + Grey + Threat Plates; however, I've been really anxious about making any changes, so they're pretty much out of the box. I didn't get along with nameplates at ALL on my laptop, and I'm afraid I'll do something horrid and ruin them ^^

  3. Very nice ui. I love all these ui's that looks so clean and nice but when it comes for me to use them, I really can't get used to it.

    I prefer using default Blizzard ui because the buttons are so big. I hate having to strain my eyes to see my buttons. That limits a lot of my viewing space though =T

    Your UI is perfect for recording videos!

    • I know plenty of players who pick up add-ons for the buttons so they can increase the size of really important buttons/cooldowns, and leave everything else as minimal as possible.

      Most of my major functions are key-bound in some way shape or form, so the buttons are really just for balancing my unit frames, and giving me something to look at when playing an alt I haven't seen in awhile ^^

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