Decisions, Decisions

While I have tried to stay away from Cataclysm talks, I haven’t been entirely successful.  I plunged into the chat about dungeons, and I questions still abound about what choices lay before us.  Being an opinionated and outspoken member of our raiding team (in a few ears at least) I have offered opinions and been solicited for advice concerning the coming shape of raids and how it will affect guild management issues.

I can’t say that the thoughts have not occurred to me as I have gained some information here and there, but by and large, I do not intend nor want to be a news aggregate site that discusses pre-release information that I have no way to verify other than frazzled blue postings.  Still, I must make some decisions, about my own role, in forming an informed enough opinion to be an asset to my guild in future discussions, and generally to find out what I want from the coming expansion.

The most difficult decision I face, is what to do about my main.  As of right now, I am thoroughly waffling between a bevy of characters that are in some process of leveling or waiting for the floodgates to open to L85.  The first thing I must do is have any character I am committed to playing as my main up to 80 and ready to level when Cataclysm hits.  I feel I owe that much to my guild, as I fully intend to start a leveling Worgen to explore the new world as well.

Out of my eight character slots on Scarlet Crusade, I have 6 viable characters, a banker type, a saved slot for my upcoming druid, and a *gasp* empty slot.  And to start the list…


My current main raiding character.  Dual-specced as restoration/elemental, her elemental set is sadly lacking gems and enchants, and she isn’t really viable to use her second spec.  To add salt to the wound so to speak, I don’t really like being a restoration shaman.  I think I’m fairly good at it, do my part and all that, but I don’t log onto Windsoar to shoot the breeze or run a few dungeons, I choose another character for that.  There’s just something “not right” about her class to me, and honestly, if I hadn’t duo’ed her with one of my husband’s characters, I don’t think she would have ever made it to 80.  I’m glad I leveled her, I’m glad I’ve experienced raiding as a healing turret, but I’m just not sure she’s the right toon for me to play through another expansion.  And it is so hard to change mains once you’re leveled and beating on content.


My only other 80 on SC, Aliera was my previous main when I was Horde side.  She is also dual specced, but as protection and retribution.  .  I took a break from Aliera trying to put bad memories to rest, but I also absolutely love to tank.  I feel fully engaged when I’m the tank, either keeping up with my rotation, positioning, or just keeping a general eye on my raid or party.  There’s a lot to be said for just having a plain good time on your character.  Aliera would also be my first choice to duo content with my husband’s moonkin.  We’ve tried a number of combinations over the years, and the tankadin and boomer have definitely been one of our more solid teams.

There is a down-side however.  Whereas I never really lose my perfectionist nature when playing other characters, I am much less vocal about matters when I’m not tanking.  Even if I’m not grumping to my raid team, I am definitely mumbling at my monitor, and I’m afraid if I return to Aliera as my main, my husband may be liable to divorce me.  Paladins bring a lot to the raiding table, but we also have a rather large pool of paladins to choose from in the guild, so there are definitely some cons to making her my main.


At 71, Corrinna is my next closest level 80 on SC.  She is dual-specced Arms and Protection.  As it stands in current content, I would likely give up Arms for the more competitive Fury.  Like Windsoar, Corrinna doesn’t sing to me.  I like her, she’s fun to crash through some content with, but I can’t myself being Corrinna every raid.  I think you have to be a warrior to love a warrior, and in my secret heart of hearts… I just don’t work off of rage.  Angry mutterings, inconsequential musings, but definitely not rage.


Still at L60, my death knight is still plugging away at Loremaster, albeit slowly.  I still haven’t leveled one to 80 since beta, so my leet skillz are sorely untested in the hows and what-fors of tanking or dps’ing as a death knight.  Currently I am considering dual-speccing her for a tanking and dps combination, just because I like to tank so much.

I think I would definitely want Nightfall at 80 and get some experience under her belt before she even got limited consideration.  While most of my other characters I have a reasonable comfort level with their rotation and gearing needs, I admit that death knights remain a fuzzy mystery to me.  The bonus is that we don’t have a ton of death knights that raid in our guild, so she could be an asset in either a tanking or damage dealing capacity depending on how things work out.


My leveling mage.  Currently I’ve specced as frost against my natural inclination to go fire.  I had fun when I got frost nova, but the more I level and the more I cast frostbolt and blizzard the less enchanted I become with her.  I am currently considering picking up dual-spec for arcane when I reach 40.  I had a mage main before in BC before I made the switch to Aliera.  They can be a ton of fun, but…. oh the butts are amazing, right?  I haven’t been dps in such an awfully long time, I’m afraid I will embarrass myself horrendously.  Can I have fun standing in the back, waggling my fingers and watching big numbers?  I’m pretty sure… but do I wanna bet on it?


That priest I say I’m going to level, I actually started!  My GM and I are duo’ing a priest and a mage, and while I had intended to roll as shadow, I just could not pass up the tasty goodness of Power Infusion coupled with a mage.  Of course, that leads me to thinking: dual healing specs!  I like to heal, I’m not nearly as gripey on my healers as I am on my tank, and I’ve already had a L80 priest and really loved her.  However, I was pretty dedicated to progression at the time, so she didn’t get much play time except on alt nights.  However, this is my lowest level character, she is firmly committed to leveling with her partner, and getting her to 80 by Cataclysm may be beyond my reach.

Angsty Am I

So, even writing it all down, I still haven’t picked the perfect choice for me.  I’ve still got time, I’ve got plenty of options, but nothing just jumps out to say “pick me, pick me!”  If I cared only for myself, I would pick Aliera in a heartbeat purely for the love of playing the class.  However, I do have raid members and a loving spouse to consider, and in that light, Vhaera may very well be the best choice.  The guild is currently bandying around a few ideas, which I may detail a bit more tomorrow, that would allow me to have two designated raiding characters, and if so, that may solve a number of my problems.

Have you decided what your main will be for Cataclysm?  Are you thoroughly devoted to your class of choice, or do you have options to consider, and weighings to make?


24 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. ❤ Technoviking 🙂

    It's still very early days… where's the rush in choosing a new main? Play all and see which one you are enjoying the most when the time comes, I'd hope that your guild would be okay with whichever you choose!

  2. I love my druid. A lot. I don't see myself changing mains in Cataclysm – especially since I also love my druid in her caster form, so I'm not QQing over the tree changes.

    My main alt might change, since my prot/holy paladin is cool, but not *that* cool. That remains to be decided by the expansion and by the state of the other alts I'm leveling now.

    • I don't think I've met a druid who's ever been lured away 🙂 My hubby really, really tried something different, but he just couldn't give up his boomkin.

      • My boyfriend has been playing his moonkin since the beginning of TBC… he recently got his second 80, a shaman, but I don't think he'll ever give up the chicken as his main.

  3. My decision to abandon my paladin main from BC to pick up a new main in my Death Knight wasn't a difficult one to make. I loved my paladin sure, but the drawbacks and grievances I had with the class were too many and too strong.

    That isn't the case at all with my Death Knight here at the end of Wrath. I like my Death Knight just as much as I did during the closed beta. I don't have problems with the class as it stands now. I keep thinking things like "What if I don't find the new rune system fun or intuitive compared to how it is now? What happens if the playstyle is just too different and not to my taste?" and I don't know what to think.

    I have an 80 of every class; I have my pick of making any of them my new main. I don't like facing this decision when I'm already so content!

    • Lucky dog 😛 I actually stuck with paladin from BC into WotLK because I played in Beta and was having such a fun time with all the new changes. I've never been a plate wearer per se, generally preferring rangers and other leather-wearing types, but somehow, the combination of healing, plate, and unstompability just really sunk home as a paladin. I am very, very tempted to hurry up my DK though and see if I like her just as well, because, well I loved my beta DK.

  4. I'm planning on levelling both my Priest and my Druid fairly fast once Cataclysm hits and seeing if the new raiding changes will allow for 2 mains. If not, one will be for PvP and the other for PvE.

    • I'm such a sucky awful pvper 🙂 I love leveling though, so I didn't think I'll have any problems with a whole bunch of toons at 80 (either on SC or elsewhere) BUT I'm afraid it's going to come down to a coin-flip or my husband's preference… which is usually "whatever ya want babe."

  5. My main has always been a non-issue for me once I settled on Alas. I love being a mage for so many reasons. The more I play other classes (and I do enjoy most – just not really a fan of melee dps classes), the more I find to love about Alas.

    I do have concerns as we head into a new expansion regarding mains and alts and raiding…. but those are all for my guild at large. Perhaps now is a good time to start that discussion. Hmmm.

    • I would definitely suggest starting at least broaching some subjects with your officer core such as preferred raiding size, loot system and the like 🙂

  6. You will know when it "feels" right. For me, I just picked up the druid that I had abandoned at lvl 60 in vanilla and just wanted to play her ALL THE TIME. So… which one do you want to play?

    Honestly, though, so much is going to change in cata… I'm feeling a little apprehensive and keeping my options open. I have 3 80's, and while I'll probably end up with the druid, I have no idea what class I'm going to really "click" with after the changes are made. After all, we have just a teeny weeny preview to go on.

    With the new lockouts in 10's/25's in cata, I anticipate that we're going to need alts. This isn't as difficult as it sounds, considering that gear overlap will be substantial and you may not need 2 gear sets for your dual-specced hybrid (more on this later in a post I'm writing).

    A dual-heal priest is hard. You'd be surprised just how hard. It's like switching between 2 healing toons, except you do have a LOT of the same spells, but how you use them changes dramatically. Mentally, it's very hard to look at the same toon, doing the same role, with mostly the same spells, but "train" yourself to hit them differently.

    Oh wait, I've babbled on. My point: (1) Get as many to 80 as you can now, since you don't know what you'll like in the "final" changes. (2) Evaluate which to get to 85 once we have a fuller cata picture. (3) You may need more than 1 maxed-out toon at 85. (4) The disc/holy dual spec may cause brain issues. (5) Pie.

    • Good advice. I think one of the reasons I'm considering the dual-healing priest is that I tend to get bored rather quickly once I "figure" out my main toon. I think I stuck with the paladin as long as I did in part because they changed so radically from BC to Wrath. I've also get a bit of experience at 80 with both specs–at the time I didn't have the cash to dual-spec my priest, so I just did the old-fashioned respec ^^

  7. My druid will always be my main in my Alliance guild. She's my favorite character by far (plus, no more forced tree form, squeee!).

    As for my Horde guild, I'll have to wait for the xpac to come out before I decide. I love my hunter, but I have to see how the new focus mechanic works out. I have a resto shaman, and Healing Rain sounds difficult to pass up. I also have level 70 pally that I could level if I wanted a bit more versatility. So many choices! It'll probably depend a lot on the direction my guild goes in and what's needed most.

    • OMG, a tree that isn't bent out of shape (not intended) about the tree form changes ::oggle::

      I think that's part of my indecision as well. My current guild doesn't have many "open" main changes, so the floodgates are opened at x-pacs, and I'm kinda curious what other people are going to be doing. You want to love your character AND fill a needed niche in the raiding team!

  8. Hmmmm, if we could plan a steady 1-2 hours Monday and/or Wednesday to work on the priest/mage combo with the BOA gear and the LFD, I think we could level fairly quickly without burning out on the fun factor. Just wait until I get Focus Magic. 🙂 I can Focus you, you can PI me… we will be uberness indeed!

    @ zelmaru: Pie should fall higher on the list than #5. Cataclysm needs more PIE! WTB pie as raid buff food instead of stinky fish. 🙂 [the cake is still a lie]

  9. For me it's a no brainer. Endyme is my main4lyfe, yo. She just feels right to me…I love healing on her. She's the toon I get the best for, spend the most money on, etc. She's been my main for 5 years now (random aside, but Scarlet Crusade was my home until I transferred Endy to Thorium Brotherhood. I still have like, 8 toons over there, including a lowbie Endyme. SC represent!). Once I get her to 85, my DK on ThoBro will probably be the next to get level capped. I quite enjoy the DK class for those times when I don't feel like healing.

    Oh, and the cake is not a lie. *noms on cake*

    • This is really the first time I've been looking at my main and going ::ick:: Every other time I've changed has been due to a new server (I'm still not used to the whole, just move your character to a new server model of doing business).

  10. Can't really help you there. I'm in love with my druid ;), but I do stray to the army of alts I have. Finding a main alt… now that's difficult for me.

    • Druids ::eyeroll:: That's my leveling character for Cataclysm, I hope I don't get too hooked 😉

  11. One of my goals is to finally max out one "pure" class who can neither tank nor heal. I have always played hybrids of one sort or another and have never had a chance to just be a DPSer. So, warlock, mage, hunter, or rogue? I am leaning towards lock or mage. The advantage of the mage being that she has a lovely priesty friend to level with and once we get to around 35 my hubby has a druid that we will force *cough* I mean ask ever so nicely to tank randoms for us.

    I am really looking forward to leveling with my hubby again. We have run three sets of duos in the past: holy paladin/mage (our mains) and two sets of warrior/priest (we each have one of each and usually level as dual DPS, although prot+disc is a nice combo since Wrath changes). Plus, we are hoping to suck Windsoar and Rubicund into an instance grinding team. 😉

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