I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t know if it works as intended, but man, does it look great.

I am always the healer running completely out of mana before I remember to grab an innervate… wanna know why?  I have a pocket boomkin!  He always took care of my mana needs, but lately he’s not been raiding, so I’ve been forced to rely on myself, which is just a disaster.

Which brings us to Smartervate, an add-on that requests an innvervate from a friendly druid in your raid.  You set the threshold, and you can set the priority on which druids to ask.  Smartervate watches oRA3 to determine who has mana to give, and whispers the appropriate target when you hit your threshold.

Available at WoWInterface.


10 thoughts on “Smartervate

  1. …and makes the poor druid hate you?

    Sounds like a nice addon, but I hope I never run into someone who starts using it on me *without* asking if I'm ok with it…

    I do think it would be useful for one fight: Valithria. I'm a druid, but my own innervate wasn't enough for the first tries (I was outside)… an addon to whisper the in-the-portal tree would've been nice.

  2. I usually give my innervates away, but I think being whispered by a mod would bother me. I can always see everyone's mana so I just toss it to whoever is low.

    • I'm not a druid at heart, so I wouldn't know. Last time I dealt with innervates was when they were assigned in order to healers ^.^ Y'all put the fear of angry kitty into everyone tho

  3. This expansion I haven’t had many mana issues, and my team actually keeps an eye out for me… say when they battle rez me they’re usually nice to innervate me as well 😛

    However, for PuGs or unfamiliar groups, I wouldn’t bat at an eye at /whispering an unknown druid asking for an innervate ^^ So long as it does it ONCE!

  4. heya 🙂 I'm the addon author, just to clarify a couple of things 🙂 When you whsiper a druid (i.e. they are in your list and their innervate is not on cooldown) they are added to a whisper lock list for a set amount of time (defined in the addon), so you will not spam the same druid over and over

    • I assumed that'd be the case, but thanks for the clarification. And look everyone, a druid 😛

      • haha 🙂

        I may add an option in to monitor mana and trigger function automatically but it will be disabled by default cause it could be annoying 😛

  5. Hey I have just finished the new version and it's been released 😀 thought you might be interested, includes;
    – Auto Whisper Option (disabled by default) – monitors your Mana Threshold automatically and triggers Smartervate automatically with reduced onscreen notices.
    – Pot Checking – I.e. will not whisper anyone if you have a mana pot and its off cooldown

    Upy 🙂

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