Search Term Fail

Sometimes, it’s better not to know what landed people on your website.  

why he don’t write me

Maybe because you fail at grammar.  Maybe because you think the internet has answers to these types of questions.  Either way, you’re on the back burner babe.

lava burst training 75


outlands cow

Cows are not native to the Blasted Lands.  Any cows brought to the Blasted Lands are slaves carted by the uncaring human population who can’t live without their milk & beef.

some love talk

“I love you” always worked for me.  If you can’t figure what you like about a person enough to make “loving” conversation perhaps you’re dating the wrong person.

allintext:“make a comment” “re:””reply””

Were you looking for every forum, blog, and news site on the interwebz?


I make one post where I mention the lewd acts of Goldshire, and this is what I get?  Seriously, I don’t know anything about it ::shoo::

what level can you start tanking with a ….

Any level.  Druids, paladins, death knights and warriors are all capable of tanking at any time if specced properly and using the correct abilities.

See, I redeemed myself and answered an actual question in there.

Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Search Term Fail

  1. My top ones are "looking for a casual guild", "how to run a casual guild", and "spam". Nothing too exciting sadly. I've had some offers for the various blue pills but thankfully those were taken care of by spamfilters 🙂

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