Cities and Towns: Alliance Edition

A couple of months ago, I got this hare-brained idea to suggest a shared topic at BA, and of course it falls the week before finals!

After a long day of adventuring, where’s your favorite town to hang up your weapon, take off your boots or slippers and curl up with a glass of wine? (Or a skin of whatever swill you undead people drink.. how does that work anyway? I wouldn’t think you’d need food and water, but I see you nomming as much as the rest of us.)

What town makes you want to turn your charger around and race for the next outpost? Where you know the bedbugs WILL bite, and the slop on your plate will likely leave you with indigestion?

I managed to eek in a bit of time over the weekend to pursue this topic, and I have tried to be succint.  (Tried mind you.)  This is by no means a full listing of the Alliance’s cities and towns, but some of the most memorable for me, either good or bad!



While it may be the Dwarven Stronghold, there’s nothing not to like about the capital of Ironforge.  A couple of mead halls, well ordered streets, and a King safely ensconced out of the way of daily traffic.  The only way you could get around better is if those lava pits weren’t all over–but hey, they’ve got safety nets!

You can even find a quirky bit of gnomery on your way to the tram, and the quirky mail boxes in Tinker Town put a smile on my face every time.  The only real down-side is the walking vendors: you just KNOW there’s a meat vendor in the Military Ward, but damn if you can find him!

Comfort: 5 of 5        Entertainment: 3 of 5     Orphan Friendly:  5 of 5   Shopping: 1 of 5


A place to avoid with the kiddos, Darkshire is a town of dark skies, darker moods, and generally a creepy all out of atmosphere.  It does sport an interesting tavern, and the records hall is a great find for the history buff!  There’s also an astronomer, engineering facility, and some kind of mad scientist guy around–all in all, a great stop for the traveler of eclectic interests.

Comfort: 3 of 5     Entertainment:  4 of 5  Orphan Friendly:  1 of 5   Shopping: 3 of 5


A fortress among the mushrooms, Teredor boasts amazing views from every direction.  The flora is a huge draw for the latent botanist, and the inn is cozy with a little romantic lace *wink, wink*  Great for a quiet get-a-way, just don’t expect much in the way of services.  A great place for the kiddos… as long as you stay away from the ledges!

Comfort:  3 of 5   Entertainment:  2 of 5   Orphan Friendly:  5 of 5  Shopping: 1 of 5

Feathermoon Stronghold

If you want to get out of the way, this is the place.  The ferry service is atrocious, there’s not much in the way of shopping, and half the island is occupied by hostile, and rather ugly naga.  And don’t even try to find an outing–you’ll be set to an ogre encamped fortress or sent to wrestle diretly with the rather ill-tempered locals.

Comfort: 1 of 5    Entertainment:  1 of 5  Orphan Friendly: 2 of 5   Shopping: 1 of 5


So close to a major city, yet so derelict, Westfall doesn’t even boast a place to sleep.  Of course, they claim to have an inn, yet it is unfinished and in a sad state of dis-repair.  Bandits roam hither and yon, and they keep an outlaw in front of the guard’s tower.  Will no one think of the children!?  While the farms, in more prosperous times, might have been a grand diversion, they’re in such an awful state of disrepair and the help is so shoddily constructed and violent that you’d be well-advised to go fully armored… which just destroys the whole “slippers” effect, now doesn’t it?

Comfort:  1 of 5    Entertainment:  1 of 5   Orphan Friendly:  1 of 5   Shopping:  2 of 5

So there you have it, Windsoar’s short guide to travel and lodging Alliance-side.  I simply couldn’t manage to get all the Alliance AND Horde choices in a single post, so the Horde Edition will be released later this week!  What do you think of the Alliance’s towns and cities?   Where would you choose if you were vacationing in the Azerothian hostels?


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  1. Great guide 🙂 Love the idea of grading them! The images are lovely too. See, personally I made a mistake and walked too close to the ledge in Telredor… it was painful 😦

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