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I’ve finally updated my User Interface page to reflect my current addons.  I thought I’d leave a couple of notes here that I didn’t want to stay affixed to the page until I get around to updating it again 🙂

1.  Where are the nameplates?

For the discerning eye, you’ll notice that I have a couple of small addons that affect nameplates, but no nameplate addon listed.  That’s because I currently have 4 or 5 nameplate addons that I keep switching around, tweaking, and generally, driving myself with crazy until I figure out what I want.

2.  Memory Usage

If/when I get around to actually testing my system in a raid setting and can give you a better idea of what addons to NOT use while in high graphical situations, you’ll just have to use the rule of thumb I laid out OR feel free to ask me.  I used many of these addons before/after the laptop exploded, and I can tell you which ones I’d never let near a low RAM system again!

3.  Wind, what about?

Again, ask.  I promise, I’m not a bear 🙂 I have provided links to every addon that I am currently using, so you can read what the author has to say about their addon.  However, I’m more than happy to answer configuration problems, or to even do a step by step walk-through in building “my” UI.  However, since those posts are labor intensive in the extreme, unless I know someone wants it, I’ll just continue to fiddle and show off my labor.

I’m sorry about the lack of a raid shot, but I was still doing some last minute adjustments during last night’s raid.  Hopefully that’ll be updated by the end of the week, and you can see the whole kit & kaboodle.


3 thoughts on “UI Page

  1. I've been looking around, but I can't find your UI page. 😦
    Maybe it's my browser causing trouble since I'm at work and I'm stuck with IE6.
    I'll check again tonight with Firefox. 😉

    • Scroll over Resource Guide and User Interface will show up as a drop-down menu, or just clickie here!

      Can't believe I was too rude to leave a link.

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