I like my beer like I like my women: Stout and bitter

And here I thought I was done with priests.  I’ve actually leveled two priests before: both trolls & named Zala, although one leveled holy and the other went down the path of discipline.

This time, however, I was alliance side.  Zala isn’t exactly a name I can see floating over the head of the alliance ladies, and I swore, this time, I was going shadow.  Dark, deep and mysterious, I would kill things with mighty beams of dark light.  Yep.  Shadow.

So the next thing to decide on was my race.  I already had a couple of draenei characters, so I tossed that right out.  Ditto on the night elf.  Shadowy night elves just don’t make sense to me.  Something about night elf always screams tree elf to me (maybe it’s all those big trees) and while I can see them as martial, I just can’t seem as healers… unless, of course, they ARE a tree.  And a shadow priest is even worse.  Isn’t that like…. corrupting the moon well?  Doesn’t that make you a HIGH elf?

So, human or dwarf.  Humans have that nice tasty reputation bonus, but I was planning on leveling through the LFD system which makes it a moot point.  To my chagrin, I realized I didn’t have a single dwarven character above level 40 across my 40-something characters.

Plus, I thought a dwarf priest would make a statement.  Somehow I always imagine my dwarven lasses with of bite.  Despite their stature, you never miss a dwarf in a crowded room.  They’re loud and bawdy and that annoying laugh will draw attention from all corners.  And you got a problem?  I can take care of that for you: SW: Pain, Smite, Mind Blast.  No more problem.

When I picked up the BoA gear I was a bit disappointed.  While I wanted to look like abrawling priest of awesome, instead I looked like a warlock.  I’m a dwarf, not some namby pamby race that needs to summon the dark creatures of the void in order to unleashing a bit of good ol’ fashioned beat-down on other creatures.  Yet, here I am in my sissy ‘lock robes and skull shoulders.  The indignities never cease, as I’ve also picked up a ritualistic looking dagger and a skull side-arm.  If I wanted to look more like a ‘lock of evil, I couldn’t have pulled it off any better.

Yet, I have a confession to make.  The shadows of darkness have never quite gotten around to billowing around my voluptuous figure.  I, uh, am discipline.  It was an accident, honest!  When I created the character, I planned on soloing my way to the top; however, a friend discovered I was leveling in secret and did some mumbo-jumbo where I ended up going “Of course, let’s duo, that’ll be awesome!”  I’m going to have to figure out that spell.  Anyhow, while duoing dungeons with a friend is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon, having a healer makes those dungeon queues pop so much faster… and I’m all about maximizing my leveling time.

So, I have gone to the healing side.  I must say, I love my overpowered bubbles of awesome, the only regret I have in keeping my dwarf as a matron of discipline instead of a holy maiden is her lack of holy casting time.  You see, bubbles are instant cast spells, but when you get the right haircut for your dwarven lass, she has the most awesome spell animation of all time: twirling braids.  The two braids that hang down the back will lift and twirl all during the cast time of any holy spell, and it really is an amusing spectacle.


8 thoughts on “I like my beer like I like my women: Stout and bitter

  1. There was one reason and one reason only I picked a Draenei for my Shadow Priest. Pure. White. Skin. I'm not an active RPer, but I still have little personality traits and back stories for most of my characters that I let float around in the back of my mind. I really liked the dichotomy of this Draenei who was probably revered by his people when he was born because you would have to be seriously Light-touched to have skin that pure. So he gets set on the path of a priest. But there's this dark side to him…

    Sometimes I imagine it's a Jekyll/Hyde sort of thing. Like he doesn't even have control over it and his pure self and "corrupted" self aren't even aware of each other, even though they're battling for control.

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  3. I'm leveling a priest right now too (mine is a Draenei). I am shadow right now but I can't wait to get to 40 and dual-spec Discipline. I love bubbles! I can't help but toss PW:S around in dungeons when I'm supposed to be doing damage.

  4. as soon as I read "I swore, this time, I was going shadow" i knew you were going to end up healing

  5. I love priests. That is.. healing priests. I loved being shadow in Vanilla and TBC – but in WotLK it just never did anything for me – I'm not sure why. Maybe because for a long time my main was a warlock and her evil shadow magic was just way cooler than the priest's. When it comes to healing though the priest is definitely my favourite healer.

    The heirloom gear is definitely a disappointment though, if you want to level anything other than a warlock. I wanted to level a mage and there I was… looking like a warlock! Those despised mages who went too far and aren't worthy of mention (except of course for being cool since I used to be one *cough* but still..).

    I can understand that they can't have a separate set for each class, but maybe they could have made the items a little bit less specific. More just a caster feel rather than a very definite warlock look.

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