Vampires, Ugh!

If you ever had a romantic notion about a blood-sucking vermin undead called a vampire, well, the Blood Queen should darn near set you straight.  The first time we tangled was quite a while ago with my 10-man team.  Bite assignments were handed out, people were bitten up to and including the tanks, and winged witch went down… hard.

In 25-man raids, however, oh the agony.  Doing the bite assignments correctly without an add-on should earn you an achievement.  Seriously.  Our guild has recently started using Vamp & VampArrow and we still haven’t gotten her down, but attempts went from the 60-70% range down to the less than 30% range.  Yay progress.

The add-on comes in two parts.  The first part, Vamp, should be run by your raid leader (or designated add-on extraordinaire who must be made a raid assist).

First, you provide Vamp with a list of your raiders.  You can flag DPS, tanks & healers ensuring that you’re NOT biting those oh so tasty, but not so helpful (for dps!) tanks and healers.  Vamp will choose to “seed” a ranged and melee dps in the first round as well to limit movement as much as possible between the two groups.

So what happens?  The infected member gets a /tell identifying their bite target and the mark that will appear.  It will also send a /tell to the target notifying them that they ARE a target so they don’t go dancing off into the moonlight.  Marks on the targets will suppress all other boss-mod targeting until the target has actually been bitten.  If the intended target dies (get outta the fire mon!) or disconnects (coward!!!!) the add-on will automatically re-assign a new target on the fly and notify the biter and victim *ahem* target.

Now, let’s say you want to take the cheatery to the next level.  It’s not enough to have an automated system point out your targets, oh no.  Maybe you want a shiny arrow that directs you so that you can unerringly to your target so you don’t have to try to jump over people’s heads to see your marked target.  That’s where VampArrows comes in.

You do not have to be using Vamp in order to use VampArrows so long as someone (raid leader or raid assistant) is setting up and using Vamp for the encounter.

Final Note: While the add-on is integrated with AVR, the integration will be removed for the 3.3.5 patch.

3 thoughts on “Vampires, Ugh!

  1. One thing that really helped my Horde guild with this was to have everyone create a /follow macro. As it's getting close to bite time, click on your target (hopefully everyone is using raid frames) and hit the macro. As long as you are within range (30 yards I believe), you will run right to your target and be in the perfect spot to bite them. I found this hugely helpful as the raid markers can be hard to spot with so much going on in the 25-man.

  2. Don't get too worried Jaded. In 10 man you can coordinate over Vent which definately helps get that first kill. In 25 man you'll eventually learn where everyone else stands. Don't change the bite order. Make every one stand in the same place each attempt.

    You'll nail it and wonder why you ever worried about it!

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