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Choosing the correct shiny pixels of awesome is a fun mini-game that whiles away much of our time.  Many a player spends a ton of time researching stat valuations and debating over gems and enchants.  While there a number of valuable tools and websites to help you decide what’s best for your character, wouldn’t it be nice if you could look at a piece of gear in game and weigh it directly against your stat weights?

That’s where TopFit comes in.  On my main character’s main spec I can eyeball a piece of gear and tell whether it will fit in my complement of stats as an upgrade, or whether it only LOOKS like an upgrade and will ultimately spell the doom of my gear-set when I try it on. While I’d like to say the same for my elemental spec, my paladin’s ret spec, my unholy DK spec… the list goes on and on, I know in my heart of hearts that I can only keep so many stat valuations straight without relying on notes I’ve jotted down or a spreadsheet.

So What’s It Do?

TopFit allows you to compare and equip gear sets based on the most favorable stat valuations.

Step One: Shinies drop from boss

Step Two: Mouse over shinies

Step Three: Compare value on tooltips of currently equipped shiny and shiny from the boss.


Let’s say you have a stack of gear in your inventory that you’ve been saving for your alternate spec.  Which pieces are the best?

Step One: Open TopFit

Step Two: Select the role you are going to fill (or the stat valuations that you set up)

Step Three: TopFit auto-gears you and saves the set in your gear manager

Why Not This Other Gear Mod?

I’m sure you’ve heard of other mods that do similar things.  I like TopFit because it is easy to use, and HIGHLY customizable.  Generally those are mutually exclusive.

  • Item weighting is based on stat valuation and not item level.
  • You can choose whether you’d like to use the pre-set values provided by the add-on or you can set up your very own.
  • You can choose to exclude certain item slots from ever being considered (such as your libram/relic or trinkets).
  • You can set up soft and hard caps for any stat.
  • Supports gems and enchants.
  • Takes into account the ability to dual-wield (including Titan’s Grip).
  • And the absolute best feature: Once you’ve selected the role you’re gearing for or set up your very own stats, you click start and it automatically swaps your gear as needed and saves the set in your equipment manager for easy equipage.

The only thing I dislike about the mod is that EVERY set-up for all my characters is displayed on my tooltip (i.e. my blood tank valuation shows up when I’m on my restoration shaman… along with unholy DPS, arms warrior, protection, etc.).

So if you’re looking for an add-on to help you make those tough choices using just the numbers, TopFit may be right for you!

Pick it up at Curse or WoWInterface.

Edited to include a link to download the add-on.  I don’t know where I’m keeping my brain these days.


2 thoughts on “Top Fit

  1. Well, I'm glad you like the Addon, just as I like your writing style. *grins*

    Either way, the ability to exclude item sets from tooltips has been added in 3.3v5, so that should help.
    Though as I'm reading your post again, it seems like scores for different characters are showing up for you on another character. That should not happen because settings are stored per profile, which usually are unique for your character and handled by Ace. Unless you have an Addon that automatically switches to the same profile for all your characters, I can not imagine how that would happen.

    • I do use reflux to update my profiles between characters. Since I cannot manage my own profile in TopFit, I seem to be stuck with sharing all of my item sets across my toons which does limit its effectiveness, as I'm rapidly running out of available item sets!

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