Getting Twisted

This last week I was invited to be a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, and in a moment of weakness, I accepted.  Although I would’ve loved to send y’all over for the live recording I honestly didn’t know how to do that, so you’ll have to make do with the finished product!

Although podcasts are not a general form of WoW entertainment that I dig, I must say I actually had a really great time chatting about, well, me, and having the open forum going on during the interview process was a absolutely great.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the entire broadcast (Food > WoW Discussion) but if you’re interested, head on over and give me some feedback.

Thanks to Fimlys and Nibuca for having me on!

8 thoughts on “Getting Twisted

    • Hehe. Well I didn't stay for the whole thing either 😛 I was starving! And yay for internet working again!

      • I wondered where you had got yourself off to. Thought maybe you were out-of-town for the long weekend.

        My mage is at full rest… need to get rolling again. 🙂

  1. Ive missed your voice, and you have almost inspired me to try and get back into the game. It might be nice to be up to par when the next expansion comes out with my main… Could it be? The return of the SCARYMIDGET?!?!? Oh nooooooes!

    • As long as your wife doesn't drive down here to beat me up, I'm cool with it 😛 Don't be a tease though *HUGS* Miss ya babe!

      Besides, you know she wants to come play wolf puppies with us for Cataclysm >.> And we're on nights again, so yay!

  2. I too didn't listen to the whole thing but just for your part. It made me realize that when you log on over at Blog Azeroth you have more options then the first 4-5 that are their when you're not logged in. Yeah I know, go me >.<


    • Live and learn >.> You can take my trite and very annoying getting to know you post survey now though! 😛

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