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I was tooling around Northrend working on Loremaster when I came across this busty wench in the out-of-the-way pirate cove found in Howling Fjord.  You know, the one where you pay her a gold to over-liquor the good pirate so you can rifle his pockets?  I’d done the quest before, but this time, I was so captivated that I lost track of the level of dear Jack Adam’s lucidity level and had to pay up again.  What stopped me was the arresting model of Olga, the Scalawag Wench.

She doesn’t have that vixen face, but neither is she the haggy, angry face that I have yet to see used by a single human female.  I need that model!  She looks older, maybe a bit careworn, but still arresting and interesting.  Imagine her with grey hair.  She wouldn’t have a punky feel that the current models have, but might actually look like a battle-tried veteran, perhaps recently turned to the light (yes, all I can think is paladin.)  I love that she has a waist bigger than a handspan, and the tan lines are just awesome.  I could role-play this character… if I ever role-played.

This is surely an area where Blizzard falls by the way-side compared to other MMO’s. Character customization, whether it be “choice” in talents or in our very skins, is severely limited.  Perhaps I’m an odd-ball, and there’s no interest in normative characters in gaming–perhaps we all want be built like Barbie dolls, albeit with a bit of muscle. However, I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who has set in front of the computer screen wondering how I’m going to make THIS draenei unique, and not just another beautifully glossy face with some interesting horns.

Would you play a “beefier” model if it was available?  What about customization: hair width, eyes, all that stuff that makes a face–would you like more control, or are you happy with the current set-up of pre-done faces?

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  1. I had a very similar experience when I found some beefy, bald, bearded stout human quest-giver in Borean Tundra! He was totally an older dude in his 40s, like a blacksmith or a dad, instead of the typical bleach-blond young hunk. If I ever made a human I definitely would prefer Boris Blacksmith over Cleftchin Clint.

    • From what I can gather, the "different" human models in Northrend (Olga's one of two or three) are actually beta models that didn't make the cut. I like the rather closed faces–while I'm sure I'd make a young character now and again, I like having some variety.

  2. I'd definitely play a beefier model if I could 🙂 I have a thing for fat, bald old men in MMOs 😛 In fact, I saw a human character model in Borean Tundra that I really wished I could play. Hmm, I wonder if Blizzard are planning a character model revamp at some point?

    • I can't decide if they just wanted to get some use out of those models (and they do look more Vykrul-ish than the normal human ones) or if they were testing reactions to the 'em. I hope the latter–as much as I like being sleek and sexy, I also like to be solid and beefy.

  3. I completely agree. I'd play any range of different looking characters.

    This was a huge shocker when I tried out Everquest 2. Who knew such detailed customization was possible in an MMO?

    It may not be the thing every player is crying out for, but I'm sure there's plenty of people who would love more options in their character's appearance.

  4. I would love if they'd update the model builder to include more modern concepts like sliders for body types and facial features. There is definitely not enough options available as the game exists today.

    • I'd love to be able to make some of my casters less robust looking than my rogues and warriors at the very least.

    • I'm curious if she was a beta NPC, since the claim is that she's a beta model, but I wasn't able to dig much more information up about her.

  5. I think the fact I'm most comfortable with the female dwarf model is that they look closest to the kind of body types I see most commonly around me in real life (and are more aesthetically pleasing than the other female models). The option of creating characters with real-life body types would be wonderful (and might actually get me interested in playing non-dwarves).

  6. She's like some of the models you find in Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad. I looked them up on WoWhead, rather annoyed that we couldn't make faces like them and in the comments, someone said that they were alpha models and that the clothes are part of the model. So we can't even console ourselves with their dresses.

    Of course now, I'm looking for that comment again, I can't find it but I'm sure it was WoWhead.

  7. I agree, this model would be great for RPing! I could see her as a pirate lady, a big tough wench 😀

    But I wouldn't choose the model for my characters, since I don't RP. I LIKE my girls to be sexy (my idea of sexy = nelf and draenei… and maybe belf female). I don't know why I like the slender models – society, the fact that's my body type, or something else, but, well, I do.

    I *would* love some more customization though. The only other MMO I've played is Aion, but OMG I spent 1 hour designing my character. Sometimes I want to reactivate my subscription just to play with the char creation screen again… If I could do that, I'd make belves a bit fatter (they're cool now too, but a skinny girl like that shouldn't be able to hold up a shield!) and make humans more… something. It's probably the old model's fault, but they seem so slow to me, so… not elegant. Sorry, my English is failing me now 😛

    I'd totally make a skinnier dwarf too. If that makes me anti-feminist or something… oh well. On the other hand, the (my) biggest problem with dwarves are the faces… they all look so 'dooooh'. The second one is height – I want to SEE the dresses on characters… no can do on dwarves and gnomes, which is part of the reason I stay away from them.

    Oh, and I used the angry female face for my warlock 😀 I loved it… too bad human female robe wearers look SO SO HORRIBLE when they're running, I couldn't stand it anymore and deleted the char.

  8. While some more options with sliders etc. that can be seen in other MMOs would be great, at this point I'd actually settle for an update to better graphics and a few more faces – and preferably bodies! – to choose from.

    I find that especially the male faces are so horribly ugly. (Sorry to anyone playing a male human, they're the worst…) If you run the Sunwell 5 man there's a quest giver in there, check his face and it looks a LOT better than the ones you can choose when creating a character. Why can't they upgrade them all to the new, better ones that obviously are out there?

  9. I wish I could change the body of my human a bit. Kind of creeps me out that we all have the same shape and figure. Kind of why fashion magazines creep me out.

    Variety please!

  10. I think the issue is the labor to make armor fit different body styles. It would just be too hard to do this if every race had like 10 different body types.

  11. That NPC is so fascinatingly individual – where the rest of us look like the perfect model of the body beautiful. I've taken so many of my characters through to Scallaway point – once I spent far too long looking at this NPC that the pirate recovered from his drunken stupor and I had to buy him another round…

    I'd love to be able to customise my characters with scars, eyepatches that were not headgear – hey, why not tattoos?

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