Lessons from Loremaster

Ambassador Nightfall.  Nightfall the Seeker.  Loremaster Nightfall.

They have a nice ring to them, don’t they?  These are the major achievements and titles I earned during my journey to complete the majority of available quests on every continent currently available on Azeroth.  So what’d I learn as I toured the globe?

I Never Check My Bags

I was dismayed in a few areas to discover I’d been wandering around trying desperately to find another quest, ANY quest, while I had a quest starting piece of loot somewhere in the jumble of my bags.

Now, just so you know, I travel with a full complement of the best bags money can buy because I loathe heading to town or a mailbox in order to unload the various gray rocks, gear to disenchant, cloth to sell, or knick-knacks to save for my bank.

When I pick up an Item That Starts a Questflash a warning on my screen, make the item glow in GIANT RED LETTERS–something!  I am too absorbed in the game world to spend my time hovering an armored hand over little squares in a bigger square for pertinent clues.

Potty Jokes Never Grow Old

I visited a bloke in an outhouse.  I even brought him bath tissue.  I picked through poo–fel hound poo, caribou poo, bear poo–I even had to go through my own poo IN an outhouse. Even the undead are not above being stashed away in the can.

I must say, the focus on this natural phenomena is rather intense considering you can’t find a good loo in any major city, port of call, or wayside inn.  Maybe if we had proper facilities, we wouldn’t need to spend so much time ferreting out the considerate fellows who build their outhouses in the middle of nowhere and disturbing their very special moments.

I Am Gullible

People can tell me anything: I borrowed a friend’s book, borrowed mind you, because I was going to head down to the local outhouse for my *ahem* well, you know.  Anyway, next thing you know an interdimensional portal opened before me and I was transported to Orc Country, which you know has the highest crime rate in the Known Universe, and would you believe it, those bastards started trying to convert me to join the Horde!  Naturally, it was all a ruse so they could beat me senseless and steal my friend’s book, and now where am I?  No book for my *ahem* you know, and I must return that book before my friend returns from his vacation in Coldarra.  Now, if you recover my friend’s book I will be happy to give you this case of beer and ::scrounges around:: this piece of tin ore I found behind my couch.  Do we have a deal?

Me: OMG!  Money, beer, tin!  Where’d you say that book was again?

I then pick up the tools of my trade and go beat a ton of creatures senseless till I recover said property.  On returning it to the *rightful* owner and collecting my handsome reward, I find that, lo and behold, the book is some demonic conjuring ritual that the fellow intends to use to wipe out the known universe.  I am a schmuck.

Or Maybe I’m Just Chaotic

The only other conclusion to draw is that I am so chaotic that even I don’t know which way I’m going to pull on my bikini undies today.

I imagine for the role-players (of which I sometimes am one in my head, but never in conversation as of yet) stomaching the long, lonely journey to Loremaster can be a bit of a challenge.  It’s not because it’s so time-consuming.  Reading that many quest storylines, and following characters from A to D can be a helluva lot of fun.  It’s because, honestly, can you consider your character really doing all those things?

Lawful characters hate undermining authority, whether of the good or evil persuasion. Good characters hate helping the baddies, and evil characters hate championing the causes of good.  When you’re chaotic, at least you have some flex in whether or not you want to partake in a good or bad activity, and it might end up a-ok in your ethos even if you seemingly work at cross-purposes, but try to role-play a lawful evil warlock who helps save orphans.  Hard to do isn’t it.  Orphanages are made to be burned, not saved.  Same for that shining paladin in plate who tortures the prisoners.  You don’t DO that if you’re REALLY good, now do you?

After having racked out over 3,000 quests, you’d think I’d have a bit more to say on the subject, but honestly, I’m just thankful that it is complete. Finished or working on Loremaster?  Learn any wonderful lessons of wisdom?  I’d love to hear ’em!


15 thoughts on “Lessons from Loremaster

  1. My paladin (with whom I'm working on loremaster) is chaotic-goodish and a teensy bit psychotic. It fits, too, since she's a belf and was around for the "dominate the light with sheer willpower" thingy.

    I imagine she giggles to her while she's doing all kind of quests just to turn around and smash the dreams of the questgivers. Or when she did the D.E.T.H.A quests just to go off and hunt with Nesingwary a day after. All in all she does more good than bad, though, and declares the rest as "unfortionate collateral damage". Ooops. Belf pallys aren't the most stable people, afterall. 😉 Or at least mine isn't.

  2. I keep thinking about doing it, but then I can't decide which character to do it on and I never quite get it done. I really should though, the best choice I guess would be my old main – the warlock – since she probably has the most quests done in Outland already. (These days you level so quickly through Outland you only touch 3 zones or so.)

    The quest items in bags sure need a big notification. It helped a bit that it has a quest exclamation mark on it now – but you'd still have to actually look through your bags to find it (so I generally don't until I go to town to sell junk).

    • It's really tough to decide who's doing it and to really keep at it. At the end, the ogres were crying out "Queen Nightfall… why do I die," because I'd missed a quest to kill them before I did the questline to become the ruler of the ogres…. oops!

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  4. There should be a new achievement and title. "[character name] the Really Insane", for the second character on a player's account to complete Loremaster.

    • Definitely. I'm halfway tempted to complete it on my paladin since she has my highest achievement score, but… nah. She's no longer Horde side, and I can't see doing the alliance quests all over again.

  5. Congratulations on Loremaster!

    And I agree about the quest item thing… sometimes it's just not APPARENT that there's an item that starts a quest in your bags, even if there's a ghost of an exclamation point on it now…

    • @ Everyone
      Thanks for all the huzzahs!

      Me either. I like the number of irrelevant and fun quests tucked away.

      This is all I did on my death knight and she hit 80 sometime during Borean Tundra ^^ Of course, I started with the old world and moved my way up (and missed about 16 quests in Outland that were a little past my abilities at the time).

      Agreed. I have a bag program that sorts all my quest items into one "bag." However, I tend to stay out of there unless I'm rooting around for something to use against my objective!

  6. I'm late to this party, but actually when I did World Explorer on Rhii, I also took the time to catalogue the number of outhouses in various zones. I was thinking of doing a humorous blog series on it, tour guide style, with screen shots and everything.

    Never amounted to much.

    BUT, I can tell you from memory a handful of things for the full-bladdered traveler in Eastern Kingdoms. 1) The zone with the highest number of outhouses is Westfall (4). 2) The zone with the highest number of outhouses per capita is Badlands (3).

    Just a thought if you ever decide to ride through Badlands. Go ahead, have some more water. It's not far to the nearest rest area.

    • Now that is good to know! I'm glad you stopped by to share, it definitely tickled my funny bone ^^

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