Add-ons for Kitten Herders

By chance or design, you’ve been placed in charge of leading the raid.  While pen and paper, or even some useful sites can make the task much easier, having these available in-game can save you the hassle of tabbing out, or even worse, getting writer’s cramp!

Angry RaidInviter

Does your guild use the in-game calendar or forums for sign-ups?  Do you have a list of top-notch puggers that you’ve wrangled into a regular raiding group?  Either way, Angry RaidInviter can help you get the invites started.

The most important function the add-on provides is the ability to invite from a comma-delineated list.  You start the invites, and once someone accepts, it converts your group to a raid, and sends out the rest.  The add-on will also provide you with a handy list of missing players, so you don’t have to keep a piece of scratch paper handy and manually check the calendar vs. who’s in the raid group.

You can also have it auto-promote raid members to assists (either by guild rank or manual entry), set to master loot (including loot threshold), and set the raid difficulty (10 or 25 normal only).

Get it at WoWInterface


Based on MMO-Champion’s Raid Comp, Synergy helps you keep track of all the buffs and debuffs that your raid can bring to the table.

The frame is a simple to column sheet that lists all the possible raid buff/debuffs on the left and whether they are being provided (and how) on the right.

If you’re missing a buff/debuff, simply hover over the frame, and a tooltip will tell you which members of your raid can fix the problem!

Get it at WoWInterface


A light-weight and easy way to check which members need to drink flasks or eat food!

Click the LBD button or /ffcheck and it will print a list of all delinquents.

Get it at WoWInterface or Curse


6 thoughts on “Add-ons for Kitten Herders

    • After some initial testing, I like ffCheck and it does seem like a much better option for me that RaidBuffStatus which is a memory hog.

      Synergy does what it advertises and is a nice quick check on what you've got covered (it doesn't recognize the Dalaran Brilliance buff though, so kept telling my that our raid didn't have Int), but I forgot to close it going into combat and omg the lag! It's too much for my system to try to check everyone's buffs while in combat, so I'll definitely have to remember that for next time. I think it would be handy for organizing pugs though.

      Thanks for the suggestions. You always find the best stuff!

  1. these are awesome, I downloaded all but the raid inviter, have something similar already, but the ffCheck and Synergy are great, and now I won't have to look at MMO-Champs' raid comp tool (since lately the site runs soooooo slow). Great post!

    • There's a ton of raid inviters, so I just picked one that did what I wanted 😛 Whatever floats your boat!

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  3. I just downloaded all three. As a gal new(ish) to the raid leading scene, I recognize a few of these from what my raid leaders used in the past.

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