Random Jumbles

I’m back!  And happy!  And confuzzled!  HELP!

First off, vacation was awesome and awful.  As usual there were the days of fun and frolicking a-la camping, and then the unannounced days spent tracking up and down the east coast interspersed with ratty hotels and annoying fights over bed space in order to visit “that woman.”  Overall, the family time was nice, if a bit too much like the worst days of home-life when the snipping becomes unbearable, but… I’ve found, such is any type of family vacation.

Next up, Windsoar’s non-WoW life involves a number of depressing details that aren’t worth mentioning, but which do affect my ability to provide content here.  I’m poor as a dormer mouse, starting grad school next week, and toss in finding a job that does not require standing/walking for more than 2 hours a day leads me to conclude that I’m going to have limited time for what you come by for…. WoW talks.

So…. where’s my WoW and blogging life?  I still want to play.  I still want to blog.  Those worries are cared for.  However, I do realize that I’m going to have to structure the two activities a bit more if I plan to “succeed” at either.  I’ve already gone through that rigamarole with planning my WoW time, and will likely make a rather boring and dry post about managing your WoW time under restricted circumstances… so no worries there (check).

The blog is a different story.  I have enough topics of interest to me that my blog tends to roam rather wide in conversations…. which also means I try to write rather frequently in order to cover all the things I enjoy.  Problem is…. I write whatever I feel like when the mood suits me.  With a high-density topic schedule, that doesn’t bother me; however, if I’m down to a post or two a week, I don’t think I’d like the way my content spanned out.

Soooo…. I have a question for my readers.  What topics that I cover do you actually look forward to reading this way?  I’ve got addon talks, a dabble of class discussion, shared topics, guild and raiding type junk, and just the general mish-mash of me chattering. While I will continue to write in all these areas, I would like to get an idea of what I should focus on REGULARLY (i.e. schedule) as opposed to what I write about when I’ve got some extra time and I want to share my thoughts on whatever amuses me, or some research I’ve done.  What I will be doing in the next month, I can’t say with any certainty, but I surely want to give everyone a chance to put in their two cents about the content I provide.  The conversations and community are what keep me interested, and I appreciate the ❤ and feedback I receive from everyone.

Donate your thoughts to the Jaded Alt Community Fund for Windsoar’s sanity today!

Post-note: I also forgot to mention that I am currently seeking to commission an artist for a character portrait.  Pricing will be a consideration (see dormer mouse comment above) however, I am very aware that art IS work, and am not seeking a donation.  I would be happy to display the work here, as well as spreading your good name to other parties that I know are interested in purchasing WoW-related pieces.  Just drop me a line if you’re interested or know an artist who might be!


3 thoughts on “Random Jumbles

  1. I was actually going to send you an email about it but this worked out nicely. I am an Addon virgin. The only addons I use are: Atlas Loot, DMB, Recount, and Sexy map. I haven't found a good UI for my condition . . . Clicker-itis. So if you could maybe do a post for all us clickers and a good UI for us . . .? (and if you already did and I missed it I would love a link)

    And I always find your shared topic posts refreshing and well written / thought out, I look forward to reading more of those.

    I hope that was what you we're looking for.


    • Thanks for the feedback and the welcome back 🙂 That was actually just what I was looking for. I might look at a minimal or "informational" only UI for the dedicated to zero add-on lovers out there…. if I can make myself think back in time ^^ I actually was pretty amazed at WoW's UI when I first pulled it off the shelf back in Vanilla!

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