And For My Next Trick

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something special you could do, some magical little bit of extra goodness that would help your raid succeed on a particularly harrowing encounter?  That’s the question asked this week by Restodude for Blog Azeroth’s shared topic.

If you’re a restoration shaman, that answer is fairly limited, so for the topic, I’m gonna be expanding my horizons and taking a quick peek at the tasty tidbits that every shaman can bring to the table outside their regular role or rotation to bring the extra oomph to the party.

Everyone Has That!

  • Totems!

Yes, it may sound silly, but due diligence when considering your totem drops before and during a fight can definitely help your raid team with buffs, snares, and resistances.

  • Purge

While the ability to purge a buff from an enemy is quite dependent on who you’re fighting, when it works, it’s awesome.

  • Cure Toxins

Zap that annoying debuff from your beleagured companions.  It may just save the day!  (Unless they’re supposed to have it…. or it’s critical to be timed properly… then you can screw your whole team and be the butt of jokes for years to come.)

  • Wind Shear

Stop those pesky frostbolts from Lady Deathwhisper from zapping your entire raid.  Please ::whimper::

  • Reincarnation

So no one knows you failed.  ::ahem:: I mean, so you can continue to bring your awesome dps to bear after the healer failed to give you sufficient healing love ::glare::

  • Frost Shock

Is it still on your bars?  Sometimes it’s useful for a pull gone wrong!

  • Earth Elemental Totem

I know, I know, I already said totems.  Earth elemental deserves a special mention since he’s so rarely used outside of solo content.  However, like Frost Shock, sometimes your elemental can save the day.

  • Hex

For when the warrior is cutting a swathe of death through your raid in service of a certain evil lich.  You know who I’m talking about.

Restoration Shamans

Hey, when you’re standing around with a free global cool-down, throw a Flame Shock on the boss!  And pro-tip: you can live without some spellpower long enough to get your big fiery elemental out for some additional damage almost every fight.  For trash, put your totems at ground zero for maximum Fire Nova scorching.  It’s the least you could do.

Elemental Shamans

While your chain heal might not have the extra bounce of a restoration’s, you’re likely sporting similar spellpower and haste as your favorite healer.  Don’t be afraid to heal a little!  You can also be the back-end protection zone, providing a buffer between death and your healers with well-placed Thunderstorms.  And never forget, your Earthbind Totem is the best in the business.

Enhancement Shamans

If you’re going to die, heal yourself.  And… uhmm.. Kill things with wolf power. ::sage nod::

So the next time your raid group is flailing take another look at your ability bar, and make sure you’re utilizing every trick of your trade.