4 thoughts on “Eco-Domes of Stormspire

  1. They're so pretty. I think Burning Crusade had more pretty views than Wrath by a long shot. Some things I didn't like (excessive amounts of pink and purple, really jarring and abrupt zone transitions, Hellfire) but on the whole, the landscape was really hauntingly beautiful and evocative in a way that Wrath just wasn't.

    ❤ Stormspire.

    • I couldn't agree more about the jarring transitions, although there were quite a few of those in the original game as well. I miss the lack of highly varied scenes in Northrend, though, even though the transitions are much smoother.

  2. Really lovely shot 🙂 the ecodomes made netherstorm so much more appealing than shadowmoon, don't you think?

    • My favorite part of SMV is the great green volcano in the center. That being said, the rest of the zone is rather lackluster compared to many other zones in Outland.

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