Welcome Once Again

I packed my boxes and bags a couple of weeks ago and moved to my new home.  I want to thank everyone who’s stopped by to give the new pad a look or took the time to get the word out about the change of home.

Although I’ve been trying to keep some kind of posting schedule during this time, I’ve been back and forth on widgets, pages, and colors.  As of today, I’d like to welcome everyone who hasn’t yet taken a look around my new home. I’ve updated a number of my pages, including my about page(s), blogroll, and quick menu access to a number of my guides.

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Thank you for your support as I made the switchover!



3 thoughts on “Welcome Once Again

  1. GZ on the new place, looks all good to me and I really like the color turquoise! 🙂
    And an own domain is really funky, I guess some time far in the future I might have to take another look at this myself.

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