The Best of Wrath Edition

Remember when Wrath was all shiny and new?  The first time your main had been to the capital city in a few years, because Shattrath had it all (except an auction house–and we know that you have a bank alt for that).  This week’s Blog Azeroth shared topic, suggested by Relevart, asks us to examine the best of what Wrath of the Lich King had to offer.

Since I tend to be on the long-winded side, I couldn’t limit myself to a single stellar point, so below are five of my favorite things from Wrath of the Lich King.

Favorite Mount

That’s right, a reputation mount.  Not even a very difficult one to achieve requiring Exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord and a measly 1600 gold in your pocket.  However, on my first trip across the frozen tundra of Dragonblight, I /squeeed like a proper dragon fan-girl when I saw I could own a dragon that looked so…. dragon-esque.  And it’s red. This is the first mount I have ever actively pursued in the game, and it is still Aliera’s primary flyer.

Favorite City

Warsong Hold

Warsong Hold was not actually my first stop on my way into Northrend, I went through Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord.  However, this is a Horde outpost in all its stellar glory, stripped down compared to the urban Ogrimmar, but still more substantial than say, Splintertree Post.  I’ll admit, I got lost trying to find my way to the flightmaster.  I might have even fallen down the elevator shaft.  Still one of the best conceptualized cities in the game, and definitely a top-pick for Northrend.

Favorite Quest-line

I’m allowed to have two right?  I’m getting a nod from the peanut factory.  That makes it a go 😛

While you might expect me to say Wrathgate, to me, Wrathgate’s crowning glory is the awesome cinematic.  The quests leading up to that cinematic didn’t enthrall and capture me, and I might have actually missed them the first time around if not for a perverse need to complete all the quests in a zone.  Instead, I think the best quest-line goes to

Death Knight Starting Area

I doubt that there is a single person who has not at least finished the starting area for the Death Knight.  This was a highly planned and story-driven starter area that took you through an entire back-story in, for me, a little over an hour of play-time.  I remember my first go around, standing in that shabby little hut looking down upon the former compatriot that I was ordered to kill.  I ran around the building.  I went back to the quest-giver.  I was curious if in any way I could bypass this awful moment in my character’s story, and I realized I couldn’t–and that was the point.  I was a tool of the Lich King.

And I must say, it was nice to blow those pretentious Scarlet Crusade folks sky-high.  I wear their tabard as an ironic memory to this day (thanks to a lucky roll of the die that is!)  However, I do have a runner-up (because I love my whimsical moments) and that quest-line is

The Winterfin Tribe

How can you not love murlocs?  I have a whole post about falling in love with this quest-line, so I won’t bore you with another rendition.  I’d just like to say Mmmmmrrrrrgggglllll!

Favorite Dungeon

Culling of Stratholme

Ok, now that everyone has run it a thousand times, and we’ve been forced to listen to the long winded speech from His Royal Brattiness, it seems stale and quite boring.  However, this was my dungeon of choice for testing new recruits and weeding out undesirable riff-raff in a single, uninterrupted pull of organized chaos.  Awww, memories.  For a paladin tank, I can’t imagine an instance designed more precisely for our shield-toting, holy wrathing selves, and I still find myself queuing for it specifically from time to time just for giggles.

Favorite Raid


Hands down one of my favorite raids of the expansion.  I don’t think I’m the only one who marveled at the wonder of the teleporter, or laughed at the sheer terror of watching sheets of flame come flying around the room the first time someone pressed the shiny, cherry red button. A visual treat, and a well constructed raid experience, Ulduar will remain the highlight of this expansion for raiding in my memory book.

I could probably go along this vein for ages and ages, but I believe I’ll stop here.  Wrath of the Lich King, even with its warts, was an awesome expansion.  Take up Relevart’s challenge, and share your favorite things!


9 thoughts on “The Best of Wrath Edition

  1. I agree entirely on Ulduar being the best raid dungeon. I think of all of Wrath's raids, Ulduar will be the one I go back to in Cata, for old time's sake.

    Also – yay Culling of Stratholme. Yse the intro is long, but it's a great instance, and I love the music. Also – what other 5 man has a mount drop in it?

  2. I agree totally, I have a ball every time I go into Culling of Strat that is such a fun five man. You are spot on about the Wrathgate, the cinematic is the only real thing that made it worth it, the quests weren't that great leading up to it.

  3. The Red Drake was my first epic mount and I remember the day I got it, all the money I spent on it and my first flight. I have a very good screenshot of it somewhere, might post it in my post about this shared topic soon.

    And Warsong Hold, I love the look of it, design, both on the outside and inside.

    Ulduar was my favorite raid. I admit I got bored of it after all that farming, but it was so exciting and fun with all the different bosses, design, hardmodes, achievements and new mechanics, and not to forget the awesome music! I loved Icecrown Citadel too, but Ulduar was the best.

  4. Ulduar was definitely my favorite raid of WotLK. I also think you picked some good quests! I'm not sure about my favorite mount…I'd have to think more about it, but at the moment I'm coming up with the Violet Proto Drake. As for city and dungeon, you've given me something to ponder!

    • Mounts are pretty personal choices. I know plenty of people who love their achievement mounts–with good reason!–but I'm rather particular about my dragons ^^

  5. Great writeup. You really took it much further than I expected. It's almost a "getting to know you" piece. I have to agree that Ulduar was a fantastically crafted Raid and I hope that Blizzard gives us another modular raid like that. Options galore. Hardmodes by manipulating mechanics. Great achievements.

    I avoid CoS like the plague. The plague from Wrathgates! No, really. I hate the fact that it's still a lengthy instance due to travel time. The only one I like less is Occ.

    I have a hard time not favoring my Black Proto-drake just because its so "special". And he is a "special" mount….

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