Old Habits Die Hard

Whenever I hit a roadblock in WoW I run for the other side and change factions.  Somehow, after my break, the other side always seems fresher, the quests more fun, and the general storyline puts a little bit of pep back into my step.  This marks the third time I’ve come running back to the Horde.

I rolled up a personal character, one that would be just for me, and got myself parked as a friend in a 10-man guild that has no hope of meeting my raiding schedule.  However, it gives me a place to vicariously enjoy another group’s achievements, and to chat a bit about the game in general with fellow minded players.  I chose to roll an orc warlock–honestly, my first real character that’s been an orc at all–and am happily flinging shadowbolts and dropping molten lava on foes in random dungeons while plodding around the barrens on Wuffer and collecting ore to sell to those with actual professions.  I gave an honest try at playing a blood elf rogue.  I really wanted that super-slinky stalking animation to be mine, but I couldn’t get past the sliver of pixels that was supposedly my avatar.  Having played a blood elf for a couple of years, I couldn’t understand my aversion until I realized that perhaps it was the lack of plate bulking up my frame.

I also had a chat with the hubby, and we decided to roll up a leveling duo, our first since the expansion released.  Yes, it’s all well and good that we’ll likely not finish them before Cataclysm releases; however, it’s nice to be able to lark around Silverpine Forest slaying all the fuzzies we run across.  Since he wanted to level (another!!!) warlock, I decided to give myself a go at a shadow priest…. again.  However, this one is undead, the lore makes sense, and honestly, I doubt we’ll be running many, if any dungeons, so a couple of shadowy death-bringers just seemed like the thing to do.  I like the versatility of popping a random bubble on our group (I’m currently taking most things) but since the hubby’s going affliction, I look forward to being able to stand in the back dotting like mad while he does his drain-tanking mojo.

As an Alliance character for the last year, I must say that coming back to the Horde feels very comfortable.  I anticipated struggling a bit with finding my way around the major cities and remembering the details of quests like I did when I swapped from Horde to Alliance, but it’s really not been the case.  I feel much more comfortable in Orgrimmar and the Undercity than I ever did in Stormwind.  Something about the pomp and ceremony of Alliance cities just doesn’t cry out to my inner nerd with a feeling of belonging.

Now, new characters also mean new challenges… new UI challenges that is.  Since raiding has taken a back-seat to more solitary pursuits, my screen real-estate cried out for a re-ordering of priorities.  I’m currently working on a few tweaks here and there, but all-in-all, I’m finding the new interface a lot more user friendly for damage dealing.  That being said, I did test drive it with Windsoar and Aliera, and it met my raiding needs as a tank and healer, so it might be here to stay… at least until the end of the world.

The fate of my characters in total remains a mystery to me right now.  I’m still working on the holiday achievements with Windsoar–she’s the only character that has actually completed a portion of the meta-achievements, and I’d really like to get her that proto-drake next year.  Aliera is currently testing out the PTR, and seeing how comfortable the new rotation feels as a tank.  Nightfall will be joining her in that pursuit shortly, as well as continuing her collection of reputations and old-world runs.  Whether these new characters will mature into a solid contenders for my game-time, or be shelved at the first hint of new, shinier things to come I cannot say.  I can say with certainity that Windsoar, Aliera and Nightfall will not be abadoned, even if they lose the sparkly “main” designation.

3 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. I have a hard time setting up new UI's. It always takes me a bit to get accustomed to the new layout, so I tend to use a single profile for all my toon's addons.

  2. I've played an alliance char but have created several horde toons in the past, in fact the last one only 2 weeks ago, because like you I think they're fun and cooler than the somewhat stern and formal alliance. Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff are awesome cities. Still I somehow never got used to the horde side, I don't know if it's all the new maps and quests but I never managed to get my horde chars very high. It's a shame really..

  3. Lately I've been leveling an Alliance priest and I can't get over how awesome the cities are! I'm particularly in love with IF and Darn. Weirdly enough, I'm more attracted to the cities with empty "housing" where I can sneak in when I log off and pretend to rent the place to myself >_>

    Also I am amazed at your UI screenshot. Do your bars show up when you are in combat?

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