Theft of the Pillows

Patch 3.3, the update that brought us Icecrown Citadel in December 2009, brought some new quests as well.  Searing Gorge, home of the Thorium Brotherhood, received some much needed overhaul, and Kill ‘Em With Sleep Deprivation was introduced.

In the course of the quest, you travel deep into the Cauldron to steal pillows from those evil Dark Iron dwarves, because as Evonice Sootsmoker says:

If we want to put a dent in the productivity of the Dark Iron forces working out of the Slag Pit, we have to hit them where it’s going to hurt the most.

It’s a little known fact but dwarves, particularly of the Dark Iron variety, need rest! Lots of rest!

Now I ask you; How can they sleep without pillows? Exactly, <name>, they can’t. This is why you must weasel your way into the Slag Pit and steal their pillows.

Since you’re likely planning to kill Overseer Maltorious while you’re in the area, and the quest is a simple step into the corridor near his platform, many a player runs down the hallway snatching pillows and slaughtering the sleepy Dark Irons who come raging down the hall to recover their precious pillows.

However, if you’re a quick pillow-snatcher, you might not realize that pillow-theft can lead to even greater rewards–a mob-spawned quest!

Now, you have to be patient.  Once you start stealing pillows, you’ll have 10 dwarves spawn.  You can slaughter or ignore as your personal preference dictates.  A bit later, you’ll get another group of 10 dwarves.  And then, when you think that surely nothing else can be coming… she appears…. Chambermaid Pillaclencher.

Thieves! Scallywags! Rapscallions! Come face me gigantic pillas!

Madame Pillaclencher, a 49 elite mob, arrives with two additional dwarves, and begins to pound the bejeezus out of anyone in her path.  Not only does she have a rather powerful personal attack and knockback ability, she can also smother you (I’ll let you guess with what).  Although you can activate the quest as early as level 36, you’ll probably want to wait until you’re closer to her level.

Upon defeat, the chambermaid drops her very own Ornate Pillow.

Click on it to receive Chambermaid Pillaclencher’s Pillow, which will start a new quest Look at the Size of It!  Simply return the pillow to Evonice Sootsmoker to gain Evonice’s Landin’ Pilla. Now that’s a nice pilla!

6 thoughts on “Theft of the Pillows

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  2. LOL that's awesome – I'm sure I'm not the only one that missed this, seems like a nice addition to the 'secret topics' of last week to me!
    Halfway trough reading your article, I was hoping the end-reward might be a big, cushy pillow hehe, guess that would be asking too much. 😉

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  4. I did this quest a little while ago for loremaster and I absolutely loved it! Sadly, because I am serious and humorless (ok well, a packrat), I had to get rid of the PIlla reward, but this is an amazing quest. Your screenshot of Pillaclencher is wonderful as well!

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