The Lull Before the Storm

Things have been pretty busy in my alter ego’s life recently, and I find myself constantly asking: Is this post going to turn into complete rubbish within the month.  Now I know that the answer is no, it’ll be rubbish in TWO months when the game drops on December 7th, but the principle is the same.

My game-time right now consists of grabbing a couple of frost badges from time to time and half-heartedly working on reputations for people that I’ve met but never felt the need to be friendly to before… not exactly what I consider interesting reading, even if there are a number of people working on similar goals.

I wanted to do some work on the PTR for my currently played 80’s, but alas, the downloader hates me, personally, and refuses to run for any length of time before having a fatal error that requires a system reboot and restart before deciding to play nice for another invariably short amount of time.  Although I managed to get logged in once, all I learned from the experience is that paladin tanking is not going to feel the same, but still looks do-able.  Not to bad for five minutes introducing my mace to undead elite skulls in Icecrown I thought.

Since I had some free time that usually I’d usually spend writing up posts, I did a rather severe overhaul of my set-up over here at the new place.  I’ve introduced a gallery, updated my UI page, and generally made everything look different.  Since you can’t have a new theme without a new header, that got hacked as well, and hopefully this make-over will keep me happy for a few months at least ^^ I still have some clean-up to do in the gallery as well as some posts which no longer fit quite right, but I hope it is good enough for guests to find their way around.

I doubt I’ll be starting any new projects until the turn of the clock, but there were likely be news about the deadly duo’s progress and perhaps some general commentary on the game-world in large.  I will be limiting addon discussion to those mods that I know will be continuing on into the expansion, and I may look at providing a suggestions list for people struggling to find replacements for their more esoteric selections.

With the finality of a date being added to my calendar, I find myself less engaged, not more.  Before the announcement, I still had vague plans for this, that and the other, what many have considered their bucket-lists, but now I find myself cataloguing said list with a bit of regret.  While I might find the time and inclination to knock another goal or two from the list, it doesn’t feel as meaningful now as it did before.  I can’t say I understand that sentiment, but there it is.

Likewise, I know my guild, like many, is still working on that Lich King kill.  While I have already resigned myself to not raiding any more this cycle, I find the date disheartening in general for my raid team.  I imagine some are fired up determined to finish before the axe falls while other are looking at the raid days remaining and sighing over the inevitable doom.

I am actually curious how the date release is affecting other players.  Do you find yourself dreading or rejoicing now that a date has finally been set?  Overall, I think I’m pleasantly surprised, but a bit peeved that it’s cast a shadow over my current game-time and blogging plans.



14 thoughts on “The Lull Before the Storm

  1. To be brutally honest it couldn't come fast enough for me. I've had it more or less with the current xpac. I still turn up to guild raids etc, but otherwise hardly logged on at all.

    This happened to me at the end of BC's life as well, but not until well after that of many of my friends, so I know the frustration from that side of it as well, being one of the few to actually show up for stuff. xD

    Still, I'm just glad a date is set. I would've preferred earlier, but at least it wasn't pushed back like BC was a few times!

    • BC release was definitely frustrating, but my guild had just imploded, so I couldn't wait for the next expansion so I could start playing my main again ^^

  2. I actually started doing randoms again. I had all the frost badge stuff I could afford and there just didn't seem much point in getting triumphs for heirlooms for my hypothetical future alt. But I'm thinking I'm going to want enough points to buy a few bits of that nice juicy tier 11 stuff when I hit level cap, so back into the Sanity Tap I go.

    Actually, LFD seems to have calmed down in the past few months; I haven't hit a bad PUG yet.

    • Lucky you! I don't think I'm a prep for expansion kinda gal. This is the first expansion phase where I bothered to build up a gold fund for the fun things that come with new x-pacs, but I really can't say I'm particularly worried about being able to purchase pre-heroics/raiding gear once I hit 85. Perhaps if I had solid raiding plans, that'd be an option ^^

  3. I actually wish the expansion would come sooner. I'm excited about it and think that Cata will inject new enthusiasm in everyone – which will be really nice to see. I was hoping for a November release but given that's a few weeks away it was obvious that wasn't likely, so December is better than January.

    I just hope Cata's actually ready 😉

    • This time I AM a bit concerned about the readiness of the expansion, not so much in terms of dungeons, but rather, with the massive talents/spell/iLvL adjustments that have gone into effect. If they can pull it off, I think it'll be great since what keeps the game interesting (to me) is the amount of flexibility and changing face of our character's spells and rotations from expansion to expansion.

      If Cata was gonna be out in 2 weeks, I'd be ok, but I really think I just don't like advance notice 🙂 I want my toys now!

  4. I'm rejoicing a tiny bit because a December date gives me a little more room to cobble together money for and build a decent computer than a November date would.

    Then I settle down to enjoy Old World while I can.

  5. The release date doesn't stress me out. The 4.0.1 patch does. I think it's going to essentially kill all specs (due to many factors like lack of mastery on gear and unbalance at level 80) and I have no idea what the people in my guild will do for 2 months if the few raids we manage to get going turn into wipefests.

    For me, personally, the expansion couldn't come sooner. I was done with wrath at the beginning of September when I got my wyrm, and I don't have any bucket list. That being said, the release date is actually perfect for my IRL plans – I want to take French classes and they'll end on Dec 13th, just in time to give me more time for leveling and raiding.

    • In a way, I like that we get to see 4.0 before Cataclysm so that we can learn the ropes. On the other hand, I know plenty of people are still working in ICC and the changes may adversely affect them since, as Blizzard has said in the past, they build for end-game raids, not intermittent dungeons. I HOPE that it remains balanced enough for people to still be able to advance with their guilds while we wait for the new world to drop.

      This expansion actually drops at a great time for me since I'll be dropping off my last papers on the day of release leaving me a good month or so of play-time with researching instead of wow/research/class 🙂 I think I sounded like I don't want the expansion, and I DO, I just hate having release dates as they spoil my current fun in a way.

      • I share Jen's concern. We still have bosses to kill and legendaries to complete before the end of this expansion and the massive changes to our characters (specs, skills, gear, gems, everything is changing!) may mean that we're not balanced to do those things.

        I'm also concerned that if they implement the 10/25 shared lock outs then we will have to choose between completing our ICC hardmode 10-man mounts and 25-man raiding. For the good of the guild and the raid team, it will mean shelving the 10-man, but that will still make me a bit sad.

        I log in now to hang with friends and do holidays / dailies / rep / mounts farming kind of things when we're not raiding, but I frequently find myself running in circles and feeling lost. This is my third expansion to weather with this guild and I know we will come out ok, but I hate this stage of an expansion.

        The date is a little troublesome. I know we will probably be shooting to start raiding again in January and my family may be out of town (and thus offline and not leveling) for at least part of December. That will mean a harder grind to get ready.

        I hope the patch isn't next week. ^.^

  6. I'm kinda happy about December to be honest, means we get to experience the first weeks of leveling and exploring during a time that is also very busy for me in RL and I'm very glad there won't be raids yet when Xmas and New Year hit.
    I also find myself doing things in the game atm I usually wouldn't, like farming those last minipets or alt leveling (omg!), haha! but it's kinda nice to enjoy the slack before the storm and it leaves time to write more which is probably also why i started the blog during this quiet time. 🙂

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