4.0.1 Survival (Class) Guides

Last Updated 10/14/10 @ 10:36 p.m.

Having eschewed the PTR that requires a download every other day, I actually have very little idea how classes will work other than reading patch notes, staring at the new trees and trying to decide what glyphs to buy now or later. However, plenty of bloggers have been testing out their classes, so this post is a recognition of that hard work, and I hope, a good way for a disparate number of readers to find out about their favorite class.

A big thank you to Rebecca Judd with MMO Melting Pot for sharing her work with me! If you just want to know which one is the best to read, check out her guide on the best (current) class guide.

If you have a guide, or know of a good one, let me know so I can update my links. Thanks!

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Feral (Tank)

Feral (Melee)



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46 thoughts on “4.0.1 Survival (Class) Guides

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  2. Thanks for the link love, Windsoar, tis very much appreciated. 🙂 Also good to see a resource for all the guides out there! Look at all the love resto druid is gettin! Hah! Glad I didn't go down that path as well. 😛

    • You're quite welcome– all you hard-working guide writers deserved some recognition!

      The more the merrier!

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    • The only fury information I've found is a short and sweet Q&A FAQ at Elitist Jerks which is question/answer format which didn't suit what I was looking for in a guide.

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  14. Thanks for assembling such a great list. Last night I spend half the night trying to explain to all my guild mates changes in their class. While I do not mind helping them I will just send them all this list now. Will make my life easier. Thank you, thank you and once again thank you.

  15. The Warcrafthuntersunion.com now has guides up for all 3 specs. Also Achtung Panzercow at panzercow.wordpress.com has a fairly good prot warrior discusion.

  16. I just wanted to say thanks for this awesome post! It helped me out tremendously yesterday while trying to figure out what I needed to do for my mage and pally spec wise. Now…to spec my remaining 11 80s lol.

  17. @Jed, @The Grumpy Elf
    Thanks! I'm glad you were able to find what you needed, for yourselves or guildmates as they case may be 🙂

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  21. Hey Windsoar, thanks for getting my blog out there. The other folks over at Ferocious Inspiration really appreciate it! I just finished up my 401 Unholy DK post and it's posted – complete with some how-to video. If you'd like to include that I've enclosed the link. I have your feed on my reader so I'll be sure to check it out often. Thanks again!

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  23. how much haste should fire/arcane mages have 800 is what ppl are tlelling me hopefull someone here could give me the right answer

    • You can figure your own spell haste with this handy dandy calculator. 800 is a good ballpark figure to shoot for, but the numbers aren't in from the grand poombas of theorycrafting about a solid haste number for specs at this time.

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